Microsoft And Peru

Written by Richard Lowe

Wired magazine recently reported (on July 27, 2002), "Afraid that Peru may adopt a bill decreeingrepparttar use of open-source software in all government systems, Microsoft apparently enlistedrepparttar 133552 American ambassador in Lima to help try to convincerepparttar 133553 Peruvians to killrepparttar 133554 legislation."

Many people have stated they feel it was wrong (even evil) for a US ambassador to "lobby for Microsoft". Playingrepparttar 133555 devil's advocate for a moment, let me askrepparttar 133556 following question: if an American citizen was having trouble in a foreign country would it be okay for an ambassador to help him or her out? What if an American company needed help in a foreign country? Is it okay then? Why would Microsoft be excluded? What isrepparttar 133557 purpose of an ambassador? My understanding is these people exist to furtherrepparttar 133558 goals and objectives of their country: includingrepparttar 133559 government, individuals and companies.

What isrepparttar 133560 job ofrepparttar 133561 US government? To support it's citizens (a government has no other valid purpose). You could argue that supporting corporations directly or indirectly supports citizens.

Ambassadors do not exist to stop wars or make war talk. They exist to furtherrepparttar 133562 goals of a government, and a government exists to furtherrepparttar 133563 goals ofrepparttar 133564 majority of it's citizens. If I owned a company I would totally expect any US government organization to cooperate fully with my business, especially if by cooperatingrepparttar 133565 goals of my country were also furthered.

This bill seems to say thatrepparttar 133566 government wants to use open source for it's systems. This is perfectly fine as a government should use whatever software it feels isrepparttar 133567 best fit for it's goals.

Open source is not a product, it describes an idealized way to develop and maintain a product. Most so called open source is worthless junk that most people would not dare put on their computers. By farrepparttar 133568 great majority of this kind of code is never finished, poorly documented, virtually unmaintained and so full of bugs and security holes that it's laughable.

That being said,repparttar 133569 same is true, of course, of all other forms of software.

Now there are some great open-source products, and when people speak of open source they usually mean something like Apache, Linux, Unix, OpenOffice andrepparttar 133570 hundreds (and perhaps thousands) of tools and utilities available. These arerepparttar 133571 products that have given open source a good name.

However, I have never heard of open source accounting packages, SCADA systems (systems that control water, power and oil systems), factory control systems, military systems and so on. These things are either developed in house or purchased from a company.

Peru may be making an error because they are thinking "open-source means good programs not created by Microsoft". It will be interesting to see what happens when they attempt to find an open source SCADA system to control a hydro-electric dam or an open source payroll system.

Bug Tracking Points to Consider

Written by Seapine Software

A bug tracking system is central to a successful quality control process. The strategic importance ofrepparttar purchase becomes clear when you considerrepparttar 133551 impactrepparttar 133552 data can have on your enterprise. Here are a few points to consider when selecting your bug tracking solution.

1. Not all bug tracking solutions are alike.

Some bug tracking solutions trap you in a Web-only interface with its limitations and performance issues. TestTrack Pro gives yourepparttar 133553 choice of a true Windows client and a Web-browser client. Most bug tracking solutions limit you to one server operating system - Windows. TestTrack Pro gives yourepparttar 133554 additional choices of Linux, Solaris, and Mac OS X. Some bug tracking solutions don't scale well past a dozen users or a few thousand defects. TestTrack Pro scales easily to handle any team size.

When selecting a bug tracking solution, make sure you are getting all ofrepparttar 133555 features you need at a competitive price. TestTrack Pro isrepparttar 133556 solution--offeringrepparttar 133557 best mix of features, architecture, support, and scalability.

2. Not all bug tracking vendors are alike.

Anybody with a little database experience and a copy of MS Access can build and market a basic bug tracking solution. Designing a feature-complete solution requires years of effort and customer feedback. Seapine Software has been developing and delivering bug tracking solutions since 1995 on multiple operating systems across a wide range of industries. Seapine backs its solution with a variety of services and outstanding customer support. When selecting your bug tracking vendor, ask yourself "What is their track record? Will this company be around to help me next year or even next month?"

When considering your bug tracking vendor, ask "How long does it take to talk to someone in support?" Doesrepparttar 133558 company even offer telephone support or are you limited to email support? Do they answer their email in a timely fashion or does it go intorepparttar 133559 email black hole?

3. Does your bug tracking solution scale well?

Many solutions are based on MS Access databases or other database technologies that require you to upgraderepparttar 133560 database back end as your company grows. TestTrack Pro is based on a fast, industry-standard database engine that easily scales to handle hundreds of users in multiple geographic locations. Make sure you are not going throughrepparttar 133561 process of finding a new bug tracking solution as your company grows.

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