Micro Loans Can Mean Macro Success for Your Business

Written by Cheryl Antier

"Inch by inch, row by row...that'srepparttar way my garden grows" was a favorite saying of my grandmother's -- usually when she was trying to teach me something about patience!

While I've never learnedrepparttar 145148 art of having patience, I have learned that that particular saying can apply to creating a successful business.

If you've got big dreams for starting or growing your own business, but you lackrepparttar 145149 start-up capital, technical assistance or training that you need to succeed, then start by thinking...small.

In fact, think smaller than small. Think micro -- as in "microenterprise development programs".

What is a microenterprise development program?

Basically, it's a government sponsored or supported program that provides start-up or expansion capital, technical assistance and training to microbusinesses. It's designed to help entrepreneurs who don't have access to traditional means of credit. Which means that if you're low-income, you've got bad or no credit, you don't have enough collateral to apply for a business loan -- then you're a good candidate for a microloan.

Need other help?

How about training? Learning to write a business plan? Want to go back to school? Need help understand how to put together a cash flow statement?

Most microenterprise development programs also offer training, workshops and other assistance. If they don't offer it themselves, they'll be able to refer you to a community organization that does, and guess what? The help is often free, or offered for a very low cost!

5 Hot Tips for Successful Real Estate Investment

Written by Rhiannon Williamson

The last downturn ofrepparttar global stock market saw millions of ‘every day’ investors having their fingers badly burned. Overnight life savings were eaten away, retirement funds went into decline andrepparttar 145104 economic forecast for all of us who had any money invested in stocks and shares was gloomy to sayrepparttar 145105 very least.

As a direct result investors in their thousands turned their backs onrepparttar 145106 rollercoaster stock markets and sought alternative asset classes in which to invest their hard earned money. This has led to a global boom in real estate markets and property prices, and it has spawned a generation of budding real estate investors.

For those of you wondering whether it’s too late to venture into real estate investing or considering how best to makerepparttar 145107 most significant returns from property investment, here are 5 hot tips for successful real estate investment to set you onrepparttar 145108 path to potential profits!

1) Consider Investment Property Abroad

There are many relatively untapped property markets in countries aroundrepparttar 145109 world that offerrepparttar 145110 real estate investor greater return on investment inrepparttar 145111 form of rental yields or short to medium term capital growth.

While major markets inrepparttar 145112 USA, UK, Australia and Europe are slowing down, there are emerging property markets globally that are hungry for investment and are proving to be highly profitable.

For example, in 2007 a number of countries are already aligned for accession intorepparttar 145113 European Union and as a result property markets in these countries are likely to benefit from greater numbers of visitors, more trade, increased investment into infrastructure and more stable economies. The likes of Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Turkey and even Northern Cyprus are just a few examples of overseas destinations with emerging real estate markets that may be worthy of your consideration.

2) Make Sure Your Plans Are Profitable

This sounds ridiculously simple right? Well, you’d be surprised how few people actually make sure their plans are actually sustainable and as profitable as they hope.

Examine any real estate market that you’re about to enter by firstly comparing property values acrossrepparttar 145114 city, state or region and making sure you know what your money will buy you. Then ensure thatrepparttar 145115 rental yield you intend to obtain from your property is actually realistic or thatrepparttar 145116 asking price you intend to set once you’ve renovatedrepparttar 145117 property will be offered.

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