MicroWorld releases new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5 - the antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

Written by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

Michigan - May 20, 2005 - MicroWorld Technologies, Inc.repparttar leading solutions provider inrepparttar 139185 area of Anti-virus and Content security, has announcedrepparttar 139186 launch of its new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5,repparttar 139187 antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

The new version of MailScan provides additional security features to allow users to monitorrepparttar 139188 TCP connections on their systems, and use enhanced Anti-SPAM control to fight SPAM.

The new security feature interface displays allrepparttar 139189 active TCP connections to your computer. It lists information aboutrepparttar 139190 processes, protocols, local addresses, remote addresses and Process Status onrepparttar 139191 computer. It allows you to identify any unauthorized access to your mail server and take effective counter measures to safeguard your system.

MailScan 4.5 providesrepparttar 139192 user with real time access to Relay Blackhole List at for IPs of known Spammers. The site maintains active real-time Blackhole list that you can use to verify if any IP that connects to your MailServer is listed as that of a known Spammer, and take appropriate action.

Identity Theft: Count The Ways

Written by Daryl Campbell

I received an e-mail message from "Paypal" not to long ago. The e-mail stated that PayPal needed me to update and verify my security information for their database. I didn't. One ofrepparttar sentences inrepparttar 139068 e-mail read:

"Completerepparttar 139069 necessary verification tasks within 5 days, or your account might get temporarily suspended."

That didn't sound likerepparttar 139070 PayPal I've been doing business with for several years. The grammar of "your account might get temporarily suspended" raised an alarm bell. Alsorepparttar 139071 logo while quite professional looked odd.

Butrepparttar 139072 obvious giveaway was knowing Paypal would never contact me at an e-mail address I never gave them. I could have become a victim of a technique called phishing. Just another form of Identity theft.

The effort criminals put into stealing your identity staggersrepparttar 139073 imagination.

With Phishing also called brand spoofing, criminals set up phony but legitimate looking websites then spam you with e-mail likerepparttar 139074 one described above inrepparttar 139075 hopes of catching a percentage of Internet users. No reputable business will ever ask ask for your personal information via e-mail information.

Phishing just became a parent to a newborn child called "pharming". Hackers plant phony information into DNS servers. This allows them to match domain names withrepparttar 139076 database of IP addresses maintained by various web hosting companies. In other words you type in a web address press enter and get rerouted to bogus websites where identity thieves are waiting to grab any of your information.

2003 saw identity thieves target Ebay account holders, this year it's Paypal's turn but any company with a database of information remains a target.

Choicepoint a veritable clearinghouse forrepparttar 139077 insurance industry finds themselves trying to explain how identity thieves tapped into their system to defraud 145,000 customers acrossrepparttar 139078 U.S. Investigators in California place that number closer to a half a million.

The hackers apparently used previously stolen identities to apply for and receive business licenses then bought information from ChoicePoint whose database totals 19 billion public records.

The FTC estimates that this year alone identity theft will costrepparttar 139079 business community 4.2 billion dollars and 8 billion byrepparttar 139080 end of 2006.

Easy access to computers provide more chances for identity theft butrepparttar 139081 majority of cases according torepparttar 139082 Better Business Bureau happen offline. Mail fraud public spying known as "shoulder or telephone scams that targetrepparttar 139083 elderly surfing" contribute greatly to this epidemic.

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