MicroWorld releases new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5 - the antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

Written by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

Michigan - May 20, 2005 - MicroWorld Technologies, Inc.repparttar leading solutions provider inrepparttar 139177 area of Anti-virus and Content security, has announcedrepparttar 139178 launch of its new version of MailScan Ver. 4.5,repparttar 139179 antivirus and content security software for mail servers.

The new version of MailScan provides additional security features to allow users to monitorrepparttar 139180 TCP connections on their systems, and use enhanced Anti-SPAM control to fight SPAM.

The new security feature interface displays allrepparttar 139181 active TCP connections to your computer. It lists information aboutrepparttar 139182 processes, protocols, local addresses, remote addresses and Process Status onrepparttar 139183 computer. It allows you to identify any unauthorized access to your mail server and take effective counter measures to safeguard your system.

MailScan 4.5 providesrepparttar 139184 user with real time access to Relay Blackhole List at for IPs of known Spammers. The site maintains active real-time Blackhole list that you can use to verify if any IP that connects to your MailServer is listed as that of a known Spammer, and take appropriate action.

You Can Automate Your Microsoft Office in About 60 Minutes

Written by Tenny Ing

Microsoft Office program is a programming tool called Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) that comes with Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, Power Point, and Publisher. VBA can make your repeating jobs automatic. It also can customize Excel, Word and other Office procedures for your own needs. From Office version 2000, allrepparttar Office programs are equipped with VBA.

Hand-On experience isrepparttar 139058 key to be a good programmer. Programming tutorials arerepparttar 139059 easier way to learn any computer programs including VBA. For example, a tutorial can show people how to use VBA to automate (make automatic) an Excel routine like updatingrepparttar 139060 fonts and sizes for a range of cells, or automatically pops up a calendar for selecting a date. VBA can also be used as a tool to automate Word mail-merge or create a text file from a Word document. VBA can even be used as a tool to automate email alert inrepparttar 139061 Outlook Inbox or scheduling task to do.

VBA can make one application like Excel work with another application like Word and Outlook, or any other combination. To make Excel work or control Word is called Excel automates Word. Likewise, Word works with or controls Outlook is called Word automates Outlook.

There can be many applications of automation that was introduced inrepparttar 139062 previous paragraph. For example, we can write a VBA application to make Word read an Excel address list that is saved in a spreadsheet, and then showrepparttar 139063 addresses inrepparttar 139064 Word document. Also, we can write an application to use Word to automate Outlook for readingrepparttar 139065 contact and any other data inrepparttar 139066 Contact or other folders. Or, we can use Outlook to read in Word or Excel scheduling list and use it to schedule tasks in Outlook.

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