MicroWorld Technologies - Small Company, Giant Leap!!!

Written by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

"Startups often create innovative products but do not have financial muscle, so MicroWorld turned to a partner that was mammoth in size."

MicroWorld maybe small, but its ambitions are big. MicroWorld strives to offer cutting edge software security solutions to its customers worldwide. But to even get a nibble inrepparttar crowded security space, MicroWorld needed to prove that it possessedrepparttar 105697 technology required to address customer pains—a tough task forrepparttar 105698 company.

“We do not have huge resources for brand building as compared to established giants,” saysrepparttar 105699 company’s founder and CEO, Govind Rammurthy. MicroWorld’s answer to being small was partnership with one ofrepparttar 105700 world’s largest mail server providers, Deerfield Communications. Deerfield’s MDaemon mail server is used widely acrossrepparttar 105701 world.

MailScan, MicroWorld’s mail server content security and anti-virus software, was a perfect fit for MDaemon. Partnering with Deerfield turnedrepparttar 105702 fortunes of MicroWorld. The company tapped into Deerfield’s channel partners and began establishing tie-ups with various resellers, vendors and technology providers.

MicroWorld’s entry intorepparttar 105703 U.K. market followed a similar pattern. It struck a deal with Paul Smith Computer Services, a leading software company inrepparttar 105704 U.K. that had many channel partners.

Today,repparttar 105705 company has a large network of established partners in various countries- USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, U.K, Norway, Sweden, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

How to Promote your Mailing List

Written by Matt Colyer

Today one ofrepparttar best ways to reach customers is with a mailing list. A mailing list will build your credibility, which builds trust in your customer because they know that you are knowledgeable about your subject. It also allows you to build a relationship with your customers. Growing your mailing list is often one ofrepparttar 105696 biggest challenges for webmasters. So how do you go about promoting your mailing list?

1) There are many sites dedicated to listing mailing list on their site for their visitors. Register your mailing list at E-zine announcement directories. You may be able to find some that are specifically for your subject, these arerepparttar 105697 ones that are going to provide you with targeted readers.

2) Write your own articles and submit them for publication. Pick a topic related to your site, but where you also know what your talking about. Other web sites will pick these articles up and post them on their site or even better in their newsletter. After you write each article post a link to your mailing list atrepparttar 105698 end of it inrepparttar 105699 writers resource box.

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