Michelin Reinvents the Tweel

Written by Richard A. Brink

Every once in a while a product comes along that catches your eye. The new Michelin Tweel is just such a product. Shown here mounted on an Audi A4, demonstating its flexibility, is what Michelin North America Inc. has dubbedrepparttar Tweel. It is a tire and wheel combo that comes as an assembly, requires no air(the flexibilty comes fromrepparttar 102723 spokes)and is retreadable. Can you imagine never having a flat again?

The Tweel uses a network of elastomeric polyurethane spokes to controlrepparttar 102724 ride characteristics. These ride characteristics can be set independently of each other, for instance, verticle stiffness-which primarily affects ride comfort-and lateral stiffness-which affects handling and cornering-can both be optimized, pushingrepparttar 102725 comfort level andrepparttar 102726 performance envelope atrepparttar 102727 same time. This is something todays pneumatic tire just cant do.

The possibilities ofrepparttar 102728 Tweel seem endless. For instance, sincerepparttar 102729 Tweel requires no air, holes or channels could be designed inrepparttar 102730 tread that

2005 Honda Accord Coupe: The Weekly Driver Review

Written by James Raia

Just insiderepparttar guard gate,repparttar 102722 world renowned 17-Mile Drive in Carmel, Calif., begins with a primarily downhill and often winding two-lane road to Pebble Beach Golf Links. The tree-lined route features lavish, oceanfront homes and a predominately forest-like setting along California's central coast.

It's a perfect several-mile locale for drivers who like to shift through gears. And it's not-so-surprisingly pleasant while doing so inrepparttar 102723 2005 Honda Accord.

With its V6, six-speed manual transmission offering,repparttar 102724 exceedingly popular model crosses categories. The Accord is listed as a midsize vehicle and it's often compared torepparttar 102725 Chevrolet Malibu, Nissan Altima and Toyota Camry.

Butrepparttar 102726 24-valve, 3.0-liter, 240-horsepower coupe is just as much sports car as it is anything else. And it provides one more reason whyrepparttar 102727 Accord in its more than 25 varieties is amongrepparttar 102728 most popular and most often best-buy categorized vehicles onrepparttar 102729 road.

During my weeklong test drive, I droverepparttar 102730 Accord Coupe round-trip from Sacramento torepparttar 102731 Monterey Peninsula. The interstate portion ofrepparttar 102732 journey included about 400 miles. I droverepparttar 102733 aforementioned section ofrepparttar 102734 17-Mile Drive six times round-trip on clear, blue sky days and in heavy rain. It made little difference.

In all driving conditions,repparttar 102735 Accord Coupe performed with confidence. Steering and handling is responsive and poised. Lane changes are smooth. While not as quick as other vehicles categorized as sports cars,repparttar 102736 Accord Coupe accelerates well and finds its ways through gears more than adequately. Its 17-inch wheels further add torepparttar 102737 tight road feel. The Accord's ride is also adequately quiet.

Like all Hondas,repparttar 102738 Accord Coupe's interior is designed in a straightforward manner. Gauges and all instrumentation are clean and used simply. The navigation system is likewise efficient and easy to learn.

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