Miami International Film Festival, SAG Awards, The Oscars! Highlight February Showbusiness and Media Events

Written by The Actor's Checklist

The Mobile Exposure handheld video program is an exploration ofrepparttar potentials of mobile video and culture and is running now through February 6 at Microcinema in Houston and onrepparttar 107936 Web. Concert Industry Consortium, founded to foster greater communication amongrepparttar 107937 key professionals withinrepparttar 107938 concert business and also betweenrepparttar 107939 concert business and other elements ofrepparttar 107940 music business, meets through February 4 at Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. The "BMI See It Hear First Rock Showcase", a new showcase, gets underway at Smith's Olde Bar in Atlanta on February 3. The San Francisco Independent Film Festival will screen 100 films and videos by independent filmmakers from all overrepparttar 107941 country and aroundrepparttar 107942 globe, as well as networking parties every night. Miami International Film Festival will focus on Ibero-American cinema when it runs February 4 to 13 at Miami Dade College. Florida Film & Entertainment Professional Development Series are workshops scheduled duringrepparttar 107943 first three days ofrepparttar 107944 Miami International Film Festival at Miami Dade College. Daniel Knauf, creator/executive producer of HBO’s “Carnivale,” speaks atrepparttar 107945 Alameda Writers Group meeting. His talk on "Surviving Success," covers what a writer should do afterrepparttar 107946 first sale, in a talk at Glendale Central Library in Glendale on February 5. The 11th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards takes place February 5 in Shrine Exposition Center, Los Angeles. The DIY (Do It Yourself) Music Festival is part ofrepparttar 107947 DIY Convention, geared entirely to indie artists in Film, Music and Books, running February 8 to 12 in Los Angeles. World of Comedy International Film Festival (different fromrepparttar 107948 U.S. Comedy Arts Festival) opens February 9 in Toronto at various venues. A GRAMMY Salute To Gospel Music will be given at West Angeles Church of God

Ten Steps to Fearless Public Speaking

Written by Graham Jones

There is plenty of dubious material which suggests you can combat public speaking fear. Much of it includes fancy techniques such as 'visualisation' or 'breathing techniques'. Well, they might work. But this ten step system is GUARANTEED TO WORK. That's because instead of fancy tricks and techniques, this system of dealing with public speaking fear uses your body's natural defences against fear.

STEP ONE Prepare well. Naturally enough,repparttar more prepared you arerepparttar 107935 more likely you are to feel in control, which will NATURALLY help your nervousness reduce.

STEP TWO Practice, practice, practice. You can't do too much practice. Don't listen to those people who say you can over-practice. Tell that to circus artists who practice day in day out for decades, just to get their act right. You don't hear actors and musicians complaining they had 'too much' rehearsal time. The more your rehearse,repparttar 107936 better.

STEP THREE Say your speech OUT LOUD. Whether you are inrepparttar 107937 car,repparttar 107938 bath, or going for a walk withrepparttar 107939 dog, say it out loud. Going through your talk 'in your head' means you don't benefit from something called 'psychomotor memory' - wherebyrepparttar 107940 memory for what you need to say is partly embedded inrepparttar 107941 muscles of your mouth.

STEP FOUR Get torepparttar 107942 venue early. Get a feel forrepparttar 107943 room. Sit whererepparttar 107944 audience will sit so you can see it from their perspective. Walk aroundrepparttar 107945 auditorium. Practice your speech onrepparttar 107946 stage itself. The more comfortable you are withrepparttar 107947 room,repparttar 107948 less your nerves will be.

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