Mexican pine furniture care and maintenance tips

Written by Steve Hattrick

Mexican pine furniture care and maintenance tips To enjoy your new furniture for many years to come please follow our advice on how to

look after it.

Do's and Don'ts

Do not place this product next to a radiator or in direct sunlight. Wood is a natural product and will expand if subjected to damp and will shrink and may crack if subjected to heat. This product is made of pine, which is a timber that is common for furniture, but susceptible to temperature changes. With pine furniture it is recommended that an even room temperature be maintained with no sudden temperature fluctuations, up or down.

Do not place HOT or CHILLED items directly on torepparttar surface, use a place mat. Or marking will occur.

For general cleaning use a duster or damp cloth (ALMOST DRY) not wet.

Do not use soap and water or detergents of any kind on this product for cleaning. To maintainrepparttar 151185 characteristic finish on this furniture, do not use aerosol sprays or any polish containing Silicon. If unsure, try on an area that's not seen and look for reactions. There is a natural stain and finish on this furniture and it will react to most manmade products.

How to Get the Most From Your Home Theater - Without Spending a Fortune

Written by Steve Faber

So you’ve scraped and saved, now you’ve finally gotten together a semi-respectable home theater system. You want even more, butrepparttar idea of spending another few thousand on new front speakers doesn’t cut it. What can you do?

There are ways to getrepparttar 151184 most out of what you have without breakingrepparttar 151185 bank. There are several areas you can look at to ensure your theater is set up correctly and performing at its best.

Cables and Interconnects – It’s imperativerepparttar 151186 signals are transferred from your source components to your speakers, going through various components alongrepparttar 151187 way, withrepparttar 151188 least amount of degradation. Make sure your audio, video and speaker cables are all of good quality and that none are old and corroded. You can use contact enhancer to be surerepparttar 151189 connection is really good.

Contact enhancers increaserepparttar 151190 contact area of metal to metal connections, such as you find with a typical RCA connection. Because ofrepparttar 151191 surface imperfections, most connectors actually make fairly poor contact. As low as 5% ofrepparttar 151192 surface area is actually in contact with each other. Contact enhancers fill inrepparttar 151193 minute gaps betweenrepparttar 151194 two connectors.

One such product is Quicksilver. It uses a silver-based solution, just like some ofrepparttar 151195 finest specialty A/V cables. You’ve really got to check this stuff out, it can make a noticeable improvement for not much money.

Make sure to userepparttar 151196 highest level of A/V connection your system supports. i.e. if you can use a component or DVI video connection from your DVD to your display device then do it. Calibration – Your video display will definitely not look its best without proper calibration. Manufacturers have a dismal record when it comes to calibrating sets atrepparttar 151197 factory. Most are TVs designed to look their best onrepparttar 151198 showroom floor, not in your home theater. In fact, a CRT based rear projection TV can have its life dramatically shortened by improper calibration.

The contrast is invariably set too high to makerepparttar 151199 set stand out inrepparttar 151200 showroom environment. This sells more TVs but causes premature tube wear. (That sells more TVs too, I guess) Proper video calibration will correctrepparttar 151201 problem.

I have used Joe Kane’s Digital Video Essentials for years andrepparttar 151202 Video Essentials laser disc before that. It is a great tool to help you getrepparttar 151203 best out of your home theater. It has allrepparttar 151204 needed video test patterns and explanations on how to properly use them. Pick one up here:

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