Mexican Silver and Rustic Handcrafts that you can resell for Big Profits on Ebay or any where else

Written by Monica Hernandez

Mexico Trade Monitor. Making it easy for you to do business with Mexico at Are You Interested in Importing Products from Mexico ?

+ Get access to hard to find low cost suppliers

+ Get in touch with Mexican suppliers that you probably won't find onrepparttar web.

+ Suppliers of beautiful and lucrative hand crafted products like wrought / forged iron, ceramic crafts, blown crystal, talavera pottery, taxco silver, rustic furniture and luxurious clay among many more.

+ Cutrepparttar 141372 extra middle men and take their profits to your bank account

+ Give better prices to your clients

+ Increase your product offerings and never depend on a single provider

You can access these 2 incredible and updated sources of information at

1- The Mexican Rustic Handcrafts Manufacturers Directory

2- Andrepparttar 141373 Mexican Taxco Silver Jewelry Manufacturers Directory.

Both are an excellent source for low cost products if you plan to sell silver jewelry and hand crafts on Ebay or start a wholesale or retail operation onrepparttar 141374 web or else.

We know that you can probably find some Mexican silver and rustic handcrafts and furniture suppliers onrepparttar 141375 web for free. But those “sources” will most likely be American companies or individuals that are basically resellers. The truth is that with them as your sources you won’t even get close to havingrepparttar 141376 best possible wholesale prices.

Some information providers onrepparttar 141377 web are charging $30 per company profile, while others can charge you more than $1000 per directory, or even a subcription fee to access their trade leads database. But who do you think is listed on their databases? The Mexican manufacturers? or just another reseller eager to sell at a nice profit? Exactly!. Those trade leads databases are mainly filled with lists and lists of intermediaries and marketers that want to make money resellingrepparttar 141378 product for a heavy profit.

Don’t get us wrong. We don’t have any problem with being a product reseller. But being a reseller your self, wouldn’t it be better if you could cutrepparttar 141379 extra middleman and offer a better price to your customers ?

Orderrepparttar 141380 updated Mexican handcrafts manufacturers directory Today and Get access to manufacturers of thousands of Mexican products that sell incredibly well inrepparttar 141381 USA and other countries.

Our directory contains Mexican manufacturers of beautiful rustic wrought iron, taxco silver bracelets, earrings and more elegant jewelry, folk art, blown crystal, Talavera pottery, textile and gift items, pewter décor, wood hand crafts and oil paintings all made by skilled craftsmen at incredible low prices.

Avoid those expensive resellers and get in touch withrepparttar 141382 real Mexican manufacturers today at Mexico Trade Monitor

How a Multi-Faceted Approach to Site Promotion Can Secure Your Search Engine Positions

Written by Tinu AbayomiPaul

Copyright 2005 Tinu AbayomiPaul

In my last article on site promotion, I talked about why using one site promotion technique is a short-term solution. Now I'm going to illustrate why site promotion is multi-faceted, and show an example of how these techniques can build on one another to help you get better search engine results from your search engine optimization efforts, as well as more traffic to your site overall.

Then, inrepparttar next part, I'll tell you more about what some ofrepparttar 141359 components to site promotion are, and how they can work together to help you maintain your travel levels and search engine position despiterepparttar 141360 ever-changing search engine algorithms.

Truly effective site promotion lies in using a group of tools and techniques to draw traffic to your site from many sources that build on each other, rather than just one.

To illustrate how some of these promotion techniques work together and build on each other, we need to go back torepparttar 141361 previous example of my own site for a moment.

Each day, I get about 80 - 100 visitors to just my home page from search engines - this month you can verify that by looking atrepparttar 141362 referrer list atrepparttar 141363 bottom of my home page (seerepparttar 141364 resource box atrepparttar 141365 end ofrepparttar 141366 article). As stated inrepparttar 141367 last article, visitors clicked through to my site for 1959 different keyphrases. 15% of those phrases yielded more than 10 unique visitors, withrepparttar 141368 top result sending 214 people to my site.

That traffic is invaluable and shows proof of how you can use my multi-pronged methodology to enable you to get top rankings even for more difficult terms. The methods I use are a combination of different website promotion methods that have combined to keep me consistently ranking in first page results for literally hundreds of terms. One ofrepparttar 141369 more difficult of these feats was ranking forrepparttar 141370 term “free traffic” in both Google and Yahoo onrepparttar 141371 first page.

So how do I use other site promotion techniques to help keep my site from being dropped from search engine results? And how can you learn how to dorepparttar 141372 same?

Okay, let's go back to our example, and look at May again. The next most frequent way I get a visitor to my site is from someone clicking through to a link - 15 -20% of my traffic comes this way.

My stats say that "1663 different pages-url" that were linked to me brought me visitors. The top three links back to me brought me over 1700 visitors. Afterrepparttar 141373 top thirty, most links brought me only 10 visitors or less each.

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