Metaphysics 101: the Basics - Preview

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Scott Christianson, author of Bridgingrepparttar Gap, introduced me to his latest endeavor: Metaphysics 101 - The Basics. This revealing crash course is perfect for introductions intorepparttar 122099 world of metaphysics. Categorically divided into separate classes, Metaphysics 101 explains how intricaterepparttar 122100 realm of metaphysics is, but in simplified and easy-going dialogue.

In his online coursework, Scott reaches out to his audience and students with a one-on-one approach to specific explanations of how metaphysics touches us and helps us on a daily basis. More than just a mentor, Scott's understanding of metaphysics is certainly exhibited in this comprehensive course.

Explainingrepparttar 122101 fundamentals of metaphysics, Scott relays how human intention figures into and plays a critical role inrepparttar 122102 field of metaphysics. Forrepparttar 122103 newbie orrepparttar 122104 not-so-new member of metaphysical studies, Metaphysics 101 is an excellent means in learning how to integrate metaphysical tools and resources into individual lives to attain life purpose and to achieve goals with just a litte extra effort.

Kundalini and 'Going where we're supposed to go'

Written by Robert Morgen

Inrepparttar early 90's I had a spontaneous Kundalini Awakening after a near death experience, which I wrote about in a different article. Here's what happened next. After I got out ofrepparttar 122098 hospital after my injury, and even during my stay there, I felt that I was extremely different. Atrepparttar 122099 time I accounted it to just being glad to still be alive, and for over a decade I never thought anything more about it. Yetrepparttar 122100 fact was that I did feel extremely different and I felt driven to pursue meditation and other avenues that I'd always had a vague interest in, but never really pursued. Now it was an imperative, so I began reading everything I could find. Unfortunately I wasn't finding much that was useful. It was about a year later that I discovered "Pathnotes of an American Ninja Master" by Dr. Glenn Morris. It wasrepparttar 122101 first I'd ever heard of kundalini, Reiki, Chi Kung and Therapeutic Touch. Within a few days I discovered a Chi Kung class near where I lived in Ft. Lauderdale and was able to barter some dreamcatchers and other odds and ends for some classes. My teacher there was also a Reiki Master, so he introduced me to Reiki also. Overrepparttar 122102 next decade I floundered around (or so I thought) and worked a wide variety of jobs and studied a strange variety of classes in school, as well as spent a large amount of time out inrepparttar 122103 mountains or hiding out inrepparttar 122104 desert and just communing and doing various types of energy work. A couple of years ago while living up in Glenwood Springs, CO I was again drawn to get deeper into my energy work, and entered a period of intense yoga, Reiki, chi kung and meditation. One night while meditating I had a vision of a lotus flower, butrepparttar 122105 vision includedrepparttar 122106 flower,repparttar 122107 stem andrepparttar 122108 roots. The meaning was instantly obvious and I easily connected my energy and felt a rush up my spine and out throughrepparttar 122109 top of my head. Overrepparttar 122110 next few months I went through a period that I can only describe as a karmic clean-out. Any unresolved issue that I didn't properly deal with would keep popping up over and over until I dealt with it calmly and from my center. I had my drivers license revoked twice (during a period when I was just being hired by UPS, blewrepparttar 122111 engines on 3 vehicles and had a tortured series of bureaucratic battles. I had strange energy surges as my body re-wired itself and had energy releases that sent me to massage therapists and other Reiki practitioners to have cleaned out. Some of this still happens, and probably always will. I also went through a period of balancing my chakras, and I can look back at my life in various periods and see what chakra I was in. After a few months I started trying to get away from it all. I stopped doing my yoga and meditation and entered a period that I can only describe as a mental hell. I later learned that even then I was balancing out my light and dark sides (but that's a new posting).

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