Metaphysical Schools

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Metaphysical Schools are schools that are geared towardsrepparttar study of metaphysics, orrepparttar 151044 science or philosophy which systematically examinesrepparttar 151045 beginnings of all existence, eventual reality, knowledge, being andrepparttar 151046 nature ofrepparttar 151047 universe.

Metaphysical schools are instructed onrepparttar 151048 belief that all things are a part of a whole -- and that each thing, alive or not living, should be respected. Metaphysical schools are also founded onrepparttar 151049 principles that all things are interdependent with one another and are all complimentary to one another.

Persons interested in enrolling in metaphysical schools should be prepared to learn that interpretation and understanding of life onrepparttar 151050 physical, mental, emotional and spritual planes are all interconnected.

Metaphysical schools usually offer different forms of education. Personal Growth, degree programs and NAMI certification programs are all types of education curriculums in metaphysical schools. Those wishing to study diverse metaphysical courses without attending degree or New Age Ministries international certification programs can enroll in personal growth courses. In order to obtain a degree in metaphysical schools, one can enroll inrepparttar 151051 degree program to attain an Associate, Bachelor, Master or Doctoral degree. Other persons who are seeking NAMI certification must enroll inrepparttar 151052 degree program prior to gaining Metaphysical minister, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Pastoral Counselor, Psychic, Spirit Medium or Past Life/Age Regression Facilitator practioner status.

To obtain an Associate degree in metaphysical schools, one must successfully complete at least 60 semester credit hours of metaphysical studies. A Bachelor's Degree requires completion of at least 120 semester credit hours, a Master's degree requires an additional 30 semester credit hours beyondrepparttar 151053 Bacherlor's degree, and a Doctor's degree requires 60 semester credit hours beyondrepparttar 151054 Master's degree.

Father Teilhard de Chardin

Written by Robert Bruce Baird


He is one of my heroes and an inspiration for all who seek for Peace and Harmony through a ‘conspiracy of LOVE’. His ‘templates’ suggest that one thought perfectly conceived by one man can influencerepparttar totality of consciousness or World Mind. I hope he is right, and I try to develop this critical mass of consciousness. I have coveredrepparttar 151043 continuing battlerepparttar 151044 Catholic Church has with his thought and numerous other things related to him and Jean Houston, in other books.

“Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a visionary French Jesuit,

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