Metal Casting For The Hobby Metal Worker.

Written by Col Croucher

The practical hands on creative person will enjoyrepparttar personal rewards ofrepparttar 148092 ancient craft of metal casting.

Armed withrepparttar 148093 correct knowledge, it is quite feasible to melt and cast metal inrepparttar 148094 home workshop, thousands of peoplerepparttar 148095 world over are involved in it right now... there's no reason why you couldn't try your hand at hobby metal casting too.

But don't attempt metal casting if you have no prior knowledge or experience in this field, first of all you need to learn aboutrepparttar 148096 basic techniques, and methods used in this ancient metal craft.

There are also many personal safety aspects to consider, remember, you'll be handling molten metals at extremely high temperatures. There is an element of danger involved inrepparttar 148097 hobby, but with a commonsense approach to safety, and by being extremely careful, accidents should not happen.

So just where do you learn about hobby metal casting techniques?

There are many books available aboutrepparttar 148098 subject, some are highly technical and perhaps difficult to understand. Many books are written purely forrepparttar 148099 metal casting industry. The ordinary hobby worker would find industry specific technical writing difficult to understand, and find it next to impossible to reducerepparttar 148100 high-tech writing down to a hobby level of understanding.

One ofrepparttar 148101 best ways to learnrepparttar 148102 craft is to have, or arrange for someone to train or coach you over a period of time in your own small foundry... you'll quickly learn how to create sand moulds, how to build equipment, and many other things that you need to know.

But, for most people, one on one mentoring is just a dream. And, as time goes on, there are less people around to provide a personal hands on method of teaching metal casting.

The only way most people can obtain this kind of training is by enrolling in a foundry course at a trade school, trade school tuition, while being very good, could be an expensive option for many people. Some people, due to distance from trade colleges, may find it impossible to attend a trade teaching facility.

The New Coin Price Guides are Worth the Money

Written by RD Lancaster

It is July and that means to coin collectors and dealers alike thatrepparttar new Price Guides are here. By farrepparttar 148049 most famous isrepparttar 148050 RedBook by R. S. Yeoman and edited by Kenneth Bressett. The new 2006 edition went on sale July 5, 2005 and is already ranked #15,594 at Since 1947repparttar 148051 Red Book has beenrepparttar 148052 definitive guide to coin valuations for an ever growing population of coin collectors. Evenrepparttar 148053 Red Book itself has become collectible withrepparttar 148054 1st edition valued at $750 in VF condition.

The Red Book contains valuable information in addition to current coin values such as coin mintages, grading standards for each coin, coin weight and dimensions plus detailed color pictures. There are numerous other resources included with An Introduction to US Coins, Rare Coins as an Investment, and Regular Mint Issues inrepparttar 148055 forward section. And Popular Coin Hoards,repparttar 148056 Top 250 Coin Prices Realized from Auctions and a Glossary inrepparttar 148057 afterward section to name a few.

The new RedBook is published by Whitman and comes in paperback, spiral bound (recommended) and a hardcover edition. This 59th edition is illustrated in color throughout which is a notable improvement. Since it first appeared over 21 million Red Books have been sold.

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