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Written by Alan Stewart

In order forrepparttar search engines, to rate your site, you have to have some special lines added into your html document. These lines tellrepparttar 105572 search engines, what your site is about, and what keywords you feel are related to your site. A common misconception inrepparttar 105573 web designing world, isrepparttar 105574 more keywords you haverepparttar 105575 better. This is not true. To be effectively indexed byrepparttar 105576 search engines, your keywords need to be listed inrepparttar 105577 body of your html document. But more importantly, they have to be logically listed inrepparttar 105578 body.

A few years ago, there was a "trick" that was used by web site owners, to put either real small text atrepparttar 105579 very bottom ofrepparttar 105580 page, of justrepparttar 105581 keywords to trickrepparttar 105582 search engines into thinking thatrepparttar 105583 keywords were used right. Guess what?.. The search engines figured this out and now will penalize a site for doing that. Another "trick' fromrepparttar 105584 past was to putrepparttar 105585 keywords asrepparttar 105586 same color ofrepparttar 105587 background ofrepparttar 105588 page. So they would not be seen byrepparttar 105589 surfer, but would be picked up byrepparttar 105590 search engines. Again, this has been figured out byrepparttar 105591 search engines, and they will penalize a site, by either banning them,from being indexed, or just never indexed. The rule of thumb to use is, write your pages with good content, utilizing your keywords in an effective manner. To many people create their website, forrepparttar 105592 search engines, not forrepparttar 105593 surfers. Last I heard, search engines don't do much buying of things onrepparttar 105594 internet, butrepparttar 105595 surfers still do. :)

10 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips for HTML designers

Written by RKD Unger

10 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tips for HTML designers Article by Rkd Unger:

Web design and SEO component

Search engine optimisation has been a hot topic for a while. Many owners understand that without professional SEO service their investments in websites are likely to fail.

It is typical though to see a professionally designed pages that miss or ignorerepparttar SEO component.

Web designers have plenty of things to take care of or worry about.

Static or dynamic, ASP or PHP, HTML or XHTML, browser compatibility - this is just a very short list of problems they face.

Being busy with their primary tasks web designers often miss search engine issues.

That can be a primary reason for many websites and web pages not to appear in search results at all.

Although SEO should be performed by specialists, some initial efforts can be applied duringrepparttar 105571 web design stage.

10 Tips for Web Designers

1.Do not missrepparttar 105572 Title tag. Although it is optional, it has a maximum weight for search engines. SEO specialists spend hours researching and creating good titles. Do your client a favor - if SEO is not budgeted for make sure that every page you work on has a meaningful title. 2.Do not miss DESCRIPTION meta tag. All meta tags are optional. Be aware that description is second important SEO issue. Try to match it to title.

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