Messageboards, A Great Resource But Be Ready Before You Post

Written by Reba Collins

Iím sure most people who are reading this article have run across a messageboard or two onrepparttar internet. There are several that I frequent and they are a very valuable resource for information on a chosen topic. If youíve never contributed to a conversation on a messageboard, you may feel a little scared or inadequate at first, but please, if you have information that will contribute torepparttar 149539 quality ofrepparttar 149540 board, be sure to contribute as itís those wonderful people who takerepparttar 149541 time to respond that make messageboards such a great resource.

However, if you are new to a messageboard, there are a few things you MUST do before your fingers start dancing onrepparttar 149542 keyboard. Quite often I see new people join a board and then get flamed because they didn't follow proper protocol. I don't want to scare you, please don't take it like that, it's just that sometimes a new person will come along and jump right in without even readingrepparttar 149543 posting guidelines or taking time to go throughrepparttar 149544 current threads. It's obvious they don't know what's going on and haven't takenrepparttar 149545 time to do any reading. This is very annoying, not to mention, disrespectful, torepparttar 149546 regulars onrepparttar 149547 board who take precious time out of their day to post valuable information. Typing an informed answer to someone's question takes a lot of time and ifrepparttar 149548 question was answered two threads down, do you really think anyone wants to answer it again?

There are a few things you MUST do before you decide to post. Here's a short list to get you started. In addition, just pretend as if you were already part ofrepparttar 149549 community and treat others how you would want to be treated. If you just dorepparttar 149550 these things, you will be welcomed with open arms.

∑ Readrepparttar 149551 posting guidelines. Most messageboards have a thread, usually stuck torepparttar 149552 top ofrepparttar 149553 board, that outlinesrepparttar 149554 policies and guidelines you need to know before you make a post.

RSS, XML And Feed Readers? Huh? Help!

Written by Reba Collins

Have you seen them yet? The little orange graphics that say XML or RSS? Have you ever wondered whatrepparttar heck they are? Yeah, me to. And, being as curious as a cat, I had to find out!

It wasn't hard to get most ofrepparttar 149538 info I needed. All I did was search for RSS at Google and a ton of resources came up. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Hmmm...really simple? Yeah, it really is pretty simple and it makes keeping up with news, sports, entertainment and business, well...really simple.

Basically, what happens is, say you readrepparttar 149539 Wall Street Journal, CNN and ESPN everyday. You also read a couple of business newsletters weekly or when they get delivered to your email inbox and you read your niece's blog (short for weblog [web-log]) that gets updated 'whenever'. Okay, so you go to each ofrepparttar 149540 websites each day and do your thing, right? Well, if those sites offer an RSS Feed (which they do - look forrepparttar 149541 little orange RSS or XML graphic) then you can have their content or articles sent directly to your computer. No more going through multiple websites, it's all delivered to you in an RSS Reader right on your computer. And oh, there are also web based readers as well, you just chooserepparttar 149542 one you prefer.

Now, what's so great about that? Well, let's take a one of my websites,, as an example. Let's say you set up all your news sites, newsletters and blogs so you can read them in your RSS Reader and then you find out that Gift Basket Wholesale Supply has a blog that's updated whenever new items are posted torepparttar 149543 site. AND...that blog has an RSS Feed...voila!, you add Gift Basket Wholesale Supply's RSS Feed to your RSS Reader and you don't have to worry about checkingrepparttar 149544 site for new merchandise ever again. Now, you're notified AUTOMATICALLY by way of a posting to their blog that is delivered to your RSS Reader. Isn't that wonderful? How many of your suppliers offer this service? Well, if I were you, I'd find out because your life could get a whole lot easier! And what's so great about an RSS Feed is you don't have to deal with any spam, you only getrepparttar 149545 content you ASK for! Cool, huh?

Okay, so now what are you supposed to do? You want to start reading your news and business reports in an RSS reader but you don't know what to do or how to get started. Well, I didrepparttar 149546 research...I found THE BEST resource for you to use to get started. It's CNET, a wonderful techie site that takes techie info and breaks it down forrepparttar 149547 rest of us. There's a page that explains RSS, and there's a great video as well. You'll also find links and reviews to allrepparttar 149548 different readers (be careful, some are free, some are not). You've gotta go there and check it out, here are direct links to bothrepparttar 149549 pages mentioned.

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