Message Boards: Promotion

Written by Richard Lowe

All right, now you've createdrepparttar best message board inrepparttar 125164 world (at least in your humble opinion). You've set it up and posted a few things and waited for herds of people to start contributing. You wait and wait. Days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, and still nobody visits your board. What's going on?

Something that is not obvious is that a message board must be promoted just like anything else onrepparttar 125165 internet. In other words, you have to let people know that your board exists and is interesting. I know it seems kind of strange ... you created your board in order to get people to come back to your web site, yet now you have to promote repparttar 125166 board as well?

The first thing you want to do is to link your board to your web site. I know it seems obvious, but still it interesting how many people forget this simple step. In addition,repparttar 125167 link must be in an obvious place, and it's wise to include it on every page of your site.

The next tasks is to start telling people aboutrepparttar 125168 existence ofrepparttar 125169 board. You are looking for contributors, especially early inrepparttar 125170 life ofrepparttar 125171 board. You want to find as many people as you can who will actually contribute torepparttar 125172 community that you are trying to build.

A good place to start is to lurk in other message boards, newsgroups and email discussion lists with similar subjects. Readrepparttar 125173 messages, then start posting your own to get established as someone who is knowledgeable onrepparttar 125174 subject. You should start to determine who is active inrepparttar 125175 board, perhaps make a few friends and gain some respect.

You can tactfully invite people to contribute to your own board. Personally, I think it's very tacky to issue invitations in other boards, newsgroups and discussion lists. I believe it is more preferable to invite people one-on-one in personal emails. Posting an invitation to a board is a great way to getrepparttar 125176 board members to dislike you ... and do it often enough and they may eject you entirely.

Best Ways to Promote Your Website for FREE!

Written by Terri Seymour

So you just built your prize website. You put weeks of work into makingrepparttar best site possible. Everything is perfect.

So, you wonder, why is nobody coming to my site. The answer is simple: You Must Promote!! Promote everyday and then promote some more.

There are many ways to promote your website that will cost you nothing. Here are some ofrepparttar 125163 best ways that I have found.

*Link Exchanges

Set up a link exchange page and find sites that are complimentary to yours. Emailrepparttar 125164 webmaster and explain why you want a link exchange. Tell them a little about your site and invite them to take a look. Be selective about which sites you put your link on. More often than not,repparttar 125165 webmaster will exchange links.

You can also get on some link exchange email lists:

*Message Boards

Get involved in message boards. Donít just post an ad and never come back. Ask questions, answer questions, and get involved withrepparttar 125166 group. Many people have had alot of success with this method. You can search over 310,000 forums at:

*Publish an Ezine

If you are serious about your business you should definitely start an ezine. You want to provide quality information as well as updates and information on your site. This will be one way to gather emails and keep your potential customers coming back. There are many sites that will help you get started with an ezine.

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