Mercury REtrograde: A Time Management and Planning Tool

Written by Ellen Zucker

by Ellen Zucker

The concept of Mercury Retrograde is very well known even among non-Astrologers.

It is an excellent example ofrepparttar use of Astrology as a planning tool. By working withrepparttar 150676 ebb and flow of planetary energies your life can flow more smoothly and efficiently.


When Mercury turns retrograde, it is time to look backward. This period is an excellent time for any activity that entails review, reexamination, and revision.

Astronomically, it refers to a period when Mercury appears to be traveling backwards inrepparttar 150677 sky when viewed from Earth.

This is an optical illusion. It is produced byrepparttar 150678 differences inrepparttar 150679 distance and speed of its orbit relative to that ofrepparttar 150680 Earth. Like a moving car on a highway inrepparttar 150681 lane next to yours that appears to be traveling backward,repparttar 150682 Mercury is not really moving backwards. It just looks that way.

Mercury begins its retrograde motion by appearing to slow down its forward motion. It will appear to come to a dead stop, or station, then move backward. It picks up speed for a time. Then, again, it slows, then station and move forward.

This period lasts approximately three weeks.

Mercury rules, among other things, our mental functions, communications, and transportation. When Mercury turns retrograde, it functions less well in our day-to-day lives. That is because its energy goes inward.

Ideally, you would take a mental break. But most of us do not have this luxury.

And so, as Mercury forces you to restructure your thinking and reveals flaws in your planning, you are likely to feel frustration.

This is often experienced as personal misunderstandings and communications snafus. Missed appointments, telecommunications and computer glitches, missing mail, transportation delays, blocks in negotiations are other common examples.

These things do happen when Mercury is direct. But they happen much more frequently when Mercury is retrograde.

That isrepparttar 150683 reason for that common piece of Astrological advice to be conscientious about such things as backing up your computer, double-checking schedules and appointments, and allowing more time in your travel.

Building Solid Relationships Using the Power of Words

Written by Reed Floren

Building Solid Relationships Usingrepparttar Power of Words

We may not be aware of it; butrepparttar 150584 words we utter daily may have different interpretations, even if you think that they meanrepparttar 150585 same thing.

Here's an example.

Would you rather have someone tell you that you are "slim," or would you like to hear that you are "thin?" Being slim has a slightly positive effect because it is attributed to health and fitness.

Rather than saying you have failed, just mention that you have not yet achieved success. Getrepparttar 150586 picture? Always try to speak words inrepparttar 150587 most positive manner you can think of.

Here's another important advice.

Never comparerepparttar 150588 negative qualities of one person with another.

A former boss of mine has this to say to me when I made an error in my previous day job, "James (not real name) is doing a much better job than you are. He's not committing any mistake like you do."

That crushed my heart. My boss thought this would motivate me to do better. Nope, it just hurt my feelings and lowered my self-esteem. Of course, I would never makerepparttar 150589 same mistake again after her harsh scolding. I've learned my lesson well. But she could have said it nicely.

Experiences arising from discouragement and condemnation will have a negative effect onrepparttar 150590 recipient.

Some parents might believe that instilling fear on their children would improve their performance. They would say, "You're always failing. Why can't you be like your brother? You're such a disgrace to this family."

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