Mercury Muscle Car Wins in the End

Written by Mercury Fan

In 1939, Ford Motor Company established a separate automobile creation within their empire and called it Mercury. At first, their intent was to build an automobile that a little bit aboverepparttar Ford in class but not quite a luxury vehicle. What they came up with wasrepparttar 142889 Mercury Marauder.

Byrepparttar 142890 timerepparttar 142891 1960s rolled around,repparttar 142892 United States was wrapped up in race car driving,repparttar 142893 new national past time. Mercury fell in line and providedrepparttar 142894 public with what they were looking for Ė fantastic stock cars which gave a great race. Everyone wanted to drive a Mercury stock car. World renowned Parnelli Jones got behindrepparttar 142895 wheel himself and gave Mercury a spin. In 1963 alone,repparttar 142896 Mercury Marauder,repparttar 142897 new stock car by Fordís Mercury company, won no less than eight stock car titles and racing awards. Eight! In one year! Mercury was on a roll.

Never satisfied with success, Mercury decided to top itself. Less than a year after sweepingrepparttar 142898 race car driving awards, Mercury replacedrepparttar 142899 engine inrepparttar 142900 Marauder with an engine that boasted 410 horsepower. Now,repparttar 142901 Mercury Marauder was unstoppable.

Mercedes Design Shows Why Their Favorites

Written by Mercedes-Benz Fan

What isrepparttar definition of a classic car? One answer just might be: Mercedes Benz. With brilliant design and craftsmanship, Mercedes has always been inrepparttar 142888 top of their class, settingrepparttar 142889 standard for everyone else to follow. Mercedes Benz isrepparttar 142890 oldest and arguablyrepparttar 142891 most famous car brand inrepparttar 142892 entire world. Each car is built to reflect a specific design and performance philosophy although every car is recognizable as part ofrepparttar 142893 Mercedes family. In this way, customers can trust that their vehicle will haverepparttar 142894 power, comfort, and handling that is synonymous withrepparttar 142895 Mercedes name.

Mercedes relies on target groups to maintain their admirable brand identity. Never veering from their original three-point philosophy, designers are continually dreaming up new models that representrepparttar 142896 changing times andrepparttar 142897 prospect of a high tech future. As a result, Mercedes manages to bridgerepparttar 142898 gap betweenrepparttar 142899 past andrepparttar 142900 present,repparttar 142901 traditional andrepparttar 142902 contemporary.

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