Merciless Spouse: Terri's Saga

Written by Soulful-Writer

Terri's husband once again showedrepparttar magnitude of his cruelty when he denied her parents' and sibling's request to be by her side until her last breath. This man must be made accountable for his cruel and inhumane actions towards Terri and her family. There is absolutely no excuse for his attitude and behavior. His cruelty towards Terri and her blood relatives is unforgivable and unforgettable. Terri's story must not end here. Her husband, assisted by our judicial system, condemned her to a most horrendous death forcing her to die of starvation and thirst. That act alone was ofrepparttar 132142 outmost cruelty and evidence of his absolute lack of compassion and affection for his wife.

Even if Terri would have preferred to die than to be kept alive artificially, there was no need to subject her to such a cruel way to die. She agonized for almost two weeks bearingrepparttar 132143 pain of starvation and thirst. Certainly, it would have been more humane to have induced her into a comma so she would not have felt what she must have felt during those final days.

Michael Schiavo has gotten away with this cruel murder withrepparttar 132144 blessings ofrepparttar 132145 courts. He is certainly a monster. How much longer is our judicial system going to condone monsters like him inrepparttar 132146 name of our Constitution? How couldrepparttar 132147 courts be so blind torepparttar 132148 blatant abuse this man inflicted on his wife not just during these past few weeks but, at least since she became brain damaged? How couldrepparttar 132149 courts completely ignorerepparttar 132150 pleas of her loving parents and deny themrepparttar 132151 right to protect their daughter from this man's cruelty? The courts allowed this man to violate Terri's human and constitutional rights with impunity. He and his attorney successfully turnedrepparttar 132152 media and court's attention to a political issue,repparttar 132153 right to life, when in fact this was a clear case of domestic abuse.


Written by Linda Reeves

Like a great game of poker, knowing when to “Hold Em” and when to “Fold Em” is a great phenomenon to some of us. Our lives and loves are much like a game of poker, you start out with a full pot and slowly over timerepparttar rewards either multiply or diminish. The choice to “Hold Em” or “Fold Em” is a choice that cannot be made without analyzingrepparttar 132139 long term effects.

Granted, love is not a game of poker, but relationships, like any game of chance is a risk, if you don’t initially takerepparttar 132140 risk/chance you will have missed out on some ofrepparttar 132141 greatest feelings and experiences of your life. The course of a relationship is pretty standard to everyone; when you first meet, you experiencerepparttar 132142 euphoria andrepparttar 132143 excitement ofrepparttar 132144 unknown, moving intorepparttar 132145 friendship mode discovering this persons inner being and everything that made them who they are today. Onward we move torepparttar 132146 intimate realm of our being, sharing everything about and of ourselves. Exposing our fantasies and deepest desires leaving our hearts totally vulnerable. This exposure is not without its rewards, it draws us closer together and reveals great insight into life with this person. However, we must be acutely aware of this persons ideals and goals in life and how they relate to our own. What are you willing to compromise, forfeit or share to create a loving lasting relationship? Things to think about…….

Like a high stakes poker game, you have a lot to lose, maybe not materially, but emotionally there is a great price to pay if you loserepparttar 132147 game. Knowing how to spotrepparttar 132148 obvious and take action will protect your heart. Granted, we never want to admit or believe that someone could love us today and not want to be with us anymore tomorrow, but it happens everyday all overrepparttar 132149 world to millions of people. Keep your eyes open, are they spending less time with you, arerepparttar 132150 calls less frequent, do they seem too busy do something else allrepparttar 132151 time, haverepparttar 132152 emails stopped, spending more time with their friends than you. These are signs … them! There could be an explanation for their behavior, don’t jump to conclusions, takerepparttar 132153 time to talk to them, find out what they are thinking, feeling and discern if it is time to “Hold Em” or “Fold Em”. If it is time to “fold”, do it

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