Mental Movies That Sell!

Written by Larry Dotson

When you watch a scary movie you get scared and your body tenses up. When you watch a sad movie you feel sad and even cry sometimes. When you watch a funny movie you get happy and even laugh. As you can see, your subconscious mind can't tell what's real and what's fantasy.

You can create mental movies when people read your ad copy. Mental movies can change people's emotions and some of their physical actions. You can alter their emotions and physical actions with words alone. Your words need to explain and describe what they see, hear, feel, smell and taste so it triggers their imagination.

Most people don't realize that simple words can trigger mental scenes or movies. If you seerepparttar word "daughter" and you don't have a daughter you may just think it's somebody's kid. If you have a daughter, you will probably picture your own daughter. Do you see what I'm saying? You need to really think about what each and every word means to your target audience.

How To Influence Your Prospect's Mind!

Written by Larry Dotson

It's important for your sales letter to tap into your prospect's subconscious mind and trigger their imagination. It will then create and direct a mental movie or scene that will persuade them to visit your web site, subscribe to your e-zine, buy your product, etc. Their mental imagery will actually influence their conscious mind and body to take action and buy.

Triggering people's imagination is not like controlling their mind. Their imagination is being triggered all day long by TV, pictures, radio, other people, movies, things they read, etc. People have complete control over what they imagine. It's not like when you unconsciously dream every night.

People use their imagination every day. We all con- jure up thousands of images in our heads. People use their imagination to solve problems, to rehearse a future situation, to remember things, to escape their reality, to mentally practice certain skills, to brainstorm, etc.

For example, maybe you imagined what you were going to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You mentally smelled it, tasted it, saw it, felt it or even heard it cooking. It could have affected you physically too, your stomach may have started growling, your mouth may have watered, you may have smiled and you may have licked your lips. Think about this,repparttar food you imagined wasn't there, your subconscious mind didn't distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Do you see how powerfulrepparttar 127249 imagination can be?

Now how about I suggest you visualize something. Make yourself comfortable. Relax in your chair, close your eyes and imagine a juicy, tender steak seasoned to perfection. Take your time. Enjoyrepparttar 127250 experience. If you like steaks, you most likely had some ofrepparttar 127251 same experiences happen to you which were described above.

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