Menopause, Just What Is It?

Written by Barbara C. Phillips, MN, NP

Just what is this thing called menopause? And what does it have to do with you?

Simply stated, menopause is a biological event that marksrepparttar end of a woman’s menses and hence her natural reproductive cycle. Perimenopause is defined asrepparttar 130295 period beginning withrepparttar 130296 signs of approaching menopause and ending about 12 months after “the menopause”.

Worldwide, menopause has as a variety of meanings. Each and every woman’s experience is based on her physical and emotional well being as well as her social and cultural environments. While some view menopause as a decline in status, others see it as a rite of passage. In other words, there are huge physical, emotional and social influences involved in your experience of menopause and aging.

That said, what you really want to know is – “What will I experience”?

This is tricky, asrepparttar 130297 answer is different for every woman. Some women barely notice a warm flush, while others have an intense reaction. So as you read some ofrepparttar 130298 more common occurrences, please keep in mind – you will do you own thing.

  • Power Surges, night sweats (they can be all day!) and chills
  • Insomnia, and/or poor quality of sleep
  • Urinary frequency, discomfort and sometimes leakiness
  • Vaginal dryness, irritation and possibly discomfort with sexual activity
  • Moodiness. Perhaps some irritation, nervousness, anxiety and depression.
  • Diminished libido (sexual desire)
  • Memory issues! Some women call this “the pause” (among other things).
  • Joint pain and stiffness
    • In case you think allrepparttar 130299 reactions are negative, take a look at some ofrepparttar 130300 more positive and more important changes that happen to women.
      • Freedom
      • Joy
      • Greater sense of Creativity
      • A sense of peace that has not been previously been present.
      • Wisdom that only comes to those with time and conscious living.
        • Just as there are many responses torepparttar 130301 onset of menopause, there are many approaches you can take to meet these changes. As with anything, you must weigh any risk againstrepparttar 130302 benefit (this is especially true when you consider hormone therapy), your belief system, and finally, you must find something that works for you.

JavaMusiK Announces Foray Into Wedding Ceremony and Reception Market

Written by Scott Jeffries

For Immediate Release: Take a look around. Weddings are everywhere. Every weekend finds couples 'tyingrepparttar knot' with a ring, ceremony, reception and honeymoon. JavaMusiK musician Jeff Van Devender has played piano for many ceremonies and receptions overrepparttar 130294 last 20 years, but has never made his presence onrepparttar 130295 wedding scene official. Officially tossing his hat intorepparttar 130296 ring, Van Devender wishes it to be known that he is available throughoutrepparttar 130297 state of Colorado as a bona fide wedding ceremony and reception musician. He is also available throughout Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois during mid-summer. "Usually, I have played for friends and family at these occasions," he states. But recently, after being listed at several area churches as a musician on call for weddings, Van Devender has become well known as a very reliable and quality musician by 'word of mouth' for these types of events throughout Colorado. It is not uncommon for Van Devender to be found playing in Aspen, Beaver Creek, Snowmass, Estes Park, Vail and other favorite Colorado mountain settings for these types of services. "Weddings are very personal events," Van Devender adds. "Music is such a major element for any wedding, large or small, that choices should never be made lightly. I always encourage clients to take their time and choose their music carefully." Van Devender does understand, however, that music is not always necessarily onrepparttar 130298 forefront of everyone's mind and is invariably prepared with music ready for such instances.

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