Men Should Avoid The Grand Manipulator

Written by Deborah Willis

Let's face it...some women can be ruthless. There are certain women inrepparttar world men simply DO NOT want to get mixed up with. I call these women "grand manipulators" because they will use every trick they can think of to get you to do what they want, when they want, and how they want.

I once knew a woman who wasrepparttar 149696 epitome of manipulation. Her view of men was that they were a necessary evil to getrepparttar 149697 things out of life she wanted. She would use them, abuse them, and then kick them torepparttar 149698 curb once they had served their purpose.

Inrepparttar 149699 beginning ofrepparttar 149700 relationship she always seemed to be a sweet, caring, nurturing woman torepparttar 149701 men she chose as her prey. Once she'd gotten what she wanted from them she'd turn into a screaming witch of a woman in order to driverepparttar 149702 man away from her.

For instance, she once decided she needed a new car but was unwilling to footrepparttar 149703 bill to pay for it herself. Not that she couldn't afford it, because she could. She had a job and earned a very good salary...good enough that she could afford to put 40% of each paycheck into her retirement savings. But to her it was unthinkable to temporarily lowerrepparttar 149704 percentage she put away in order to pay for a car herself.

She found a vulnerable man as her prey. It was truly amazing how she lured this man into her life and her bed. She put on her best act for him. She was all sweetness, smiles, and honey. Once she had him "hooked", so to speak, she began to play on his sympathies by complaining often about her old worn-out car and how she just "couldn't afford to replace it because there's no room in my budget for an expense like that".

Advantages of online greeting cards over paper cards - part II

Written by Ispas Marin

So, let's review a little what we said inrepparttar first part of this. Greeting cards are a very popular item which people buy in high numbers. Butrepparttar 149618 problem is thatrepparttar 149619 making process of them is using a lot of energy and it's pollutingrepparttar 149620 nature.

I will try to show yourepparttar 149621 best healthy way for you to send your thoughts to your loved ones.

The best solution of all are new invented and popular ecards. Ecards are electronic greeting cards. You can find billions of them onrepparttar 149622 net this days. There are companies specialized on this business or companies that offer a free opportunity to send an e card just for using their services. You can find free ecards and paid ecards. There are plenty of them onrepparttar 149623 Internet.

The variety of styles and themes of electronic greeting cards it's just amazing. You can find anything you want or don't want from food, animal, flowers to nature scenes, child and environmental messages. Also there are many annimated online greeting cards which makes them more entertainment. You just have to searchrepparttar 149624 world wide web. And many ofrepparttar 149625 online greeting cards are just as good and funny likerepparttar 149626 paper ones.

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