Memory Foam Mattresses

Written by Thomas Jay Wacker

Ever sincerepparttar dawn of human kind, there have been those who looked torepparttar 146991 stars. Looking in wonder and awe… Inspired by curiosity, dreamers would build and invent new and better ways to sleep. Likerepparttar 146992 visionaries of NASA’s space program that developedrepparttar 146993 first memory foam mattress. The point was to helprepparttar 146994 boldest of stargazers, to reachrepparttar 146995 heavens with a restful night's sleep.

NASA called upon allrepparttar 146996 inventors and innovators they could inrepparttar 146997 early 70’s, and many things never before dreamed of, became reality. What would help these courageous souls overcomerepparttar 146998 frontiers of space and boldly go where know one had ever gone before? Imagination… And from their imaginations came memory foam mattresses. For a long time it was thought that mattresses made from memory foam could dorepparttar 146999 trick… But that was notrepparttar 147000 calling of this exquisite invention, but ratherrepparttar 147001 realm of commercially bought and sold mattresses to consumers here on earth!

Not only have they revolutionizedrepparttar 147002 earthling’s way of sleeping, but they themselves have generated a whole new dimension of creativity. Things like, size, weight, density, design and dynamics are but a few ofrepparttar 147003 qualities found in a memory foam mattress, but how have they been used? Memory foam was not used inrepparttar 147004 NASA program, true, but a lot of things weren’t, that just means that it found its way into more important fields.

Takerepparttar 147005 field of medicine, for example. In Sweden, a genius came up with this wonderful idea to userepparttar 147006 memory foam mattress for patients with back pain problems. The idea was that since memory foam mattresses conform themselves torepparttar 147007 sleepers body, without creating pressure point resistance, then they would work wonders on people with similarly related problems, such as pressure sores.

Look Younger With Antioxidant

Written by Novi White

What does antioxidant have to do with anti-aging? You might not think inrepparttar first place that antioxidant has a great benefit to prevent early aging. Furthermore, you might not be aware of what antioxidant is and how it is also beneficial for your health.

Antioxidant can make you look younger than your age. Antioxidant is a very important substance that is needed by our body to protect vital cell structures. This is done by neutralizing hazardous molecules calledrepparttar 146971 free radicals which can be formed by environmental factors such as chemical fumes and pollution. You see that they can cause harm to your skin, and may go further to cause skin aging. Thus, you are going to need antioxidant to protect this outer part ofrepparttar 146972 body.

The next thing you’ll ask is whatrepparttar 146973 real source of antioxidant which is used for anti-aging is. That is a great question! To answer this, you must have heard so often through many health articles and advertisements that vitamin E is a great nutrient for skin. Do you know why this vitamin is so precious? The answer is because you can find antioxidant benefits in vitamin E! Again, it is because vitamin E protects your skin from free radicals.

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