Memorizing the Word of God

Written by Barbara White

Are there benefits to learning Scripture verses by heart today? In this instant worldrepparttar thought of memorizing scripture verses may seem a little outdated.

There are many ways of making scripture part of your life and that is what is important if we want to have strong spiritual roots, and grow a deeper relationship with God. Having Christian music on inrepparttar 147087 day is a good way, even better worship music. Many of our worship songs are taken straight fromrepparttar 147088 Bible, and are a great way of immersing our soul and spirit in God.

There was, however, a time in my life when I spent a lot of time and energy memorizing verses includingrepparttar 147089 Bible reference before and afterrepparttar 147090 verse.

These were my reasons atrepparttar 147091 time 1. If God's word is living and active and powerful, then why not make it a deep part of me. 2. If I was sharing my faith then God's word has way more impact than my words. The Bible has far more credibility and more than my opinions, and people could go back and read it for themselves. 3. It was a tool that I wanted to develop skill in. See 2 Timothy 2 v.15 4. I could bring to mind verses that were particularly meaningful or encouraging at times when I felt disheartened. 5. I memorized verses that God had used to speak to me about specific things that were going o in my life atrepparttar 147092 time.

The Easiest Way to Overcome Vanity

Written by Eric Engel

Vanity- it’s easy to mask, easy to forget, and easy to justify. We hide it behind dignity and poise. The sins connected to this weakness aren't quite as severe as those associated with pride, gluttony, and lust. But it can eventually lead up to some serious problems. And it can keep us from becoming an instrument of Christ.

The solution (humility) might be one ofrepparttar most difficult virtues to master, but Johnrepparttar 147067 Baptist seems to have had a pretty good handle on it. Here’srepparttar 147068 guy who baptized Christ, and later sends his own followers away because he knows his time is over. So what was his secret? How do we stop worrying about our own worldly décor, and startrepparttar 147069 journey to becoming Christ's hand maid? The answer is self-love.

It might not sound like part of our Christian philosophy, but withrepparttar 147070 proper back drop, you can maintain selflessness and self-love in a co-existing format. How? By knowing our own self-worth, where our value comes from, and how to improve it. So what are we worth? Let’s start withrepparttar 147071 simple fact that we’re creations of God. And since God doesn’t make trash, that says pretty much for us. Now look atrepparttar 147072 fact that Christ Himself became man, suffered, and dies for us. Wow! That raisesrepparttar 147073 value pot even more. We’re actually worthrepparttar 147074 life of God.

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