Megaliths and Pole Flips

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The changes inrepparttar earth magnetic field away fromrepparttar 140539 7.8 cycle rhythm that it has been for a long time is something that may be a result ofrepparttar 140540 things man has done torepparttar 140541 Earth. It is more likely part ofrepparttar 140542 cyclical nature ofrepparttar 140543 sun’s effect onrepparttar 140544 Earth but we must keep an open mind. I used to think there was some possibility thatrepparttar 140545 reasonrepparttar 140546 Mammoths inrepparttar 140547 northern climes had buttercups inside their fast frozen mouths had to do with a pole shift of a physical nature. I do not think that isrepparttar 140548 case anymore. I present these thoughts for your careful consideration.

Faraday didn’t need to see his soul in order to know it existed, but he wantedrepparttar 140549 rest ofrepparttar 140550 world to know it existed. He and his Sandemanian cohorts practiced a personal meditative relationship with God/Goddess/It/The Force, which is most appropriate in my humble opinion. The extent to which our brain wavelengths can evolve or be altered is a subject of much research at present. I hear that Hank Wesselmann who was a researcher onrepparttar 140551 team that discovered Lucy has a very different brain state that gurus and healers can not easily achieve or maintain as long as he does. Some people think we are about to evolve or adapt torepparttar 140552 collective mind state and I surely hope it happens quickly. The Quaker or Shaker non-ritualistic approach is very much likerepparttar 140553 Sandemanians who most people will never learn about. They are social activists who value real knowledge and use love as a guiding force in their lives – other than ‘Tricky Dicky’ Nixon.

I think one ofrepparttar 140554 carriers of ‘World Mind’ information isrepparttar 140555 Earth Energy Grid. Can I prove it? Can I weigh wisdom? Will we ever reachrepparttar 140556 point of being able to manifest a new paradigm if we insist we must see everything? I am a skeptic and I advocate questioning rather than using faith – but at some point we can decide onrepparttar 140557 higher probability and work with what can achieve results even if we do not fully understand it. The earth energy affects our genes and allows a certain feedback mechanism that can be useful. I will probably never fully grasp enough of these things to make a significant contribution torepparttar 140558 science of soul, but I wish I had been born knowing what I know now. The books just weren’t available andrepparttar 140559 research is largely new. It is an exciting era andrepparttar 140560 opportunity to GROW has never been greater.

“Scientists have long known that certain minerals in molten rock, as they cool, become magnetized byrepparttar 140561 Earth’s magnetic field, and are aligned withrepparttar 140562 planet’s north and south magnetic poles. Whenrepparttar 140563 lava hardens, its magnetic field becomes permanent, and points north like a compass needle. A good compass needle can be locked in place withrepparttar 140564 turn of a screw. Likewiserepparttar 140565 hardened rock: unlessrepparttar 140566 rock is moved or melted down, its magnetic field should point north forever.

One common kind of hardened lava isrepparttar 140567 black rock called basalt. Oddly enough, sincerepparttar 140568 turn ofrepparttar 140569 century, outcrops of basalt had been discovered here and there with their magnetic fields pointing inrepparttar 140570 wrong directions. Two Britishers, Patrick Blackett and S. Keith Runcorn, systematically testing basalt compass needles across North America and Europe found that rocks of different ages pointed off toward different spots onrepparttar 140571 horizon, like witnesses who disagree. To explain this, Blackett and Runcorn suggested at first thatrepparttar 140572 poles, then thatrepparttar 140573 rocks, andrepparttar 140574 continents they rest on, had wandered too.” (6)

Holistic Junction's Featured School of the Week: Texas School of Massage

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot

Interested in a fulfilling career in Massage Therapy? Holistic Junction is delighted to present Texas School of Massage asrepparttar featured school ofrepparttar 140538 week.

The Texas School of Massage believes that their students should be comfortable while learning, and they strive to '... maintain a professional, yet relaxed, learning and working environment.....'

The Key objectives ofrepparttar 140539 Texas School of Massage are to:

  • Instruct, assist and encourage students inrepparttar 140540 art of Swedish Massage Technique.
  • Present, explain and cultivate a comprehensive understanding ofrepparttar 140541 structure and function ofrepparttar 140542 human body.
  • Acknowledgerepparttar 140543 effects and benefits of massage therapy through practical working knowledge and an understanding ofrepparttar 140544 State curriculum, as provided byrepparttar 140545 Texas Department of Health.
  • Provide an understanding of self-care, including proper movement during a massage session, for safety and injury prevention as well as facilitate a long and prosperous career.
  • Equiprepparttar 140546 student withrepparttar 140547 skills necessary for planning, beginning, and successfully operating a business in massage therapy.
Texas School of Massage is convenientaly situated in two locations ofrepparttar 140548 Bayou City of Houston, Texas. The school is approved byrepparttar 140549 Texas Department of State Health Services.

The Texas School of Massage offers a 300-hour Massage Therapy program and comprehensive course in Swedish Massage.

As an added bonus,repparttar 140550 Texas School of Massage also offers a variety of products for purchase to further assist students with their training and careers, such as aromatherapy oils, massage lotions, massage tables and other accessories as well.

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