Mega firmament in real estate

Written by Cameron Lindblom,

Most ofrepparttar cities inrepparttar 110091 world prefer developing high-rise construction. Almost allrepparttar 110092 big cities consist of various multi-storied edifices. This very feature of employing areas is believed to be reasonable as it saves a lot of space for parks and recreation areas. Butrepparttar 110093 principle has slightly changed with time, because ofrepparttar 110094 necessity to provide relevant infrastructure to guarantee real estate functioning (dual-purpose stations, parking lots etc.). These facilities usually occupy from 15 to 20 percent ofrepparttar 110095 whole free space, which means thereís not enough area left to implement ecologic zones. Modern researches concerning this important issue lay stress onrepparttar 110096 possibilities of alternative real estate construction offering low-rises followingrepparttar 110097 idea of town-houses. Their infrastructure is deemed to be far better, thus,repparttar 110098 free areas can be used directly for housing construction. Besides, housing withrepparttar 110099 birdís eye views is much more harmful for manís mental health. Specialists already know it for a long time. Ads though tellrepparttar 110100 opposite.

Real estate construction revolution Ė Epilogue

Written by Cameron Lindblom

Despite numerous advantages of eco-houses along with vast research experience and positive attitude of physicians and ecologists, they can hardly take their firm place in our life. The reason for it may be inrepparttar fact thatrepparttar 110090 value ofrepparttar 110091 natural materials (like straw) is too low. A building constructed of straw assembly units can be about five times cheaper than that of conventional brick. Itís easy to make a simple conclusion that massive building of such houses may radically changerepparttar 110092 market situation leading to recession of construction companiesí and developersí incomes. They donít have it onrepparttar 110093 agenda right now for sure. Atrepparttar 110094 same time,repparttar 110095 wealthiest people really care about what inheritance they hand down to their descendants. Thatís why they are usually concerned withrepparttar 110096 environmental conditions, apart from allrepparttar 110097 financial matters that are on their list of important things. You can never buy new health, can you?

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