Meeting Jesus In Meditation

Written by A K Whitehead

Meeting Jesus In Meditation A K Whitehead

There are many approaches to prayer. Not least because there are many different needs. Butrepparttar greatest of all our needs is to get nearer to Jesus. The most powerful form of prayer for this purpose is arguably Christian meditation.

This article discusses some ofrepparttar 126944 special aspects of Christian meditation

Sources Of The Benefits Of Christian Meditation Meditation has a very long history in Christianity and has taken various forms. But meditation on Scripture, and not leastrepparttar 126945 gospels, is a kind which has great power.

How doesrepparttar 126946 power come about?. From three sources: which work together to bring us closer to God:

1. Fromrepparttar 126947 Holy Spirit, of course. But this kind of prayer makes a very special kind of requirement on us and onrepparttar 126948 Spirit, and that is expressed in terms of

2. Faith. Obviously,repparttar 126949 very act of prayer, any prayer, involves some kind of faith. Butrepparttar 126950 degree of faith which this form of prayer demands can be quite different than in other forms of prayer.

3. Consistency. To really get into this kind of prayer one needs a daily commitment which is kept consistently. It is often said that "grace builds on nature" and that is very true. In this case it is true because we need to become habitually open torepparttar 126951 way in whichrepparttar 126952 Spirit works within us. We shall not achieve that unless we become habitual in our habits of prayer.

Essentials Of Christian Meditation Christian meditation onrepparttar 126953 Bible is essentially straightforward in terms of what we do andrepparttar 126954 procedure we follow. However, there are many questions and issues which arise fromrepparttar 126955 process. Too many to consider in a short article such as this. The subject receives an in-depth treatment in repparttar 126956 book "The Keys To Meditation" by Keith & Iris Whitehead. But here we can indicate some ofrepparttar 126957 essentials and some important benefits.

This kind of meditation should not be confused in any ways with types derived from Eastern religions, such as Hinduism. It is quite different and essentially Christian. Very often it is associated with Ignatius of Loyola because, after his conversion, he developed a particularly clear method of approach.

This involves reading Scripture in a particular way. At its essence is explicitly allowingrepparttar 126958 Holy Spirit to reveal to usrepparttar 126959 nature and meaning of what, after all, he himself has written overrepparttar 126960 centuries.

The Subject Matter For a Christian,repparttar 126961 most important part of Scripture isrepparttar 126962 New Testament. While, we can meditate onrepparttar 126963 Old Testament,repparttar 126964 former is, at least,repparttar 126965 best place to start. Sometimes we meditate onrepparttar 126966 gospels; sometimes onrepparttar 126967 letters or Acts or Revelations. Inrepparttar 126968 latter casesrepparttar 126969 approach is somewhat different in important respects to meditating onrepparttar 126970 gospels. However, it is meditation onrepparttar 126971 gospels which can bring us repeatedly face-to-face with Jesus in real and dynamic ways.

Are They All Healed When You Pray?

Written by A K Whitehead

Are They All Healed When You Pray?

Everyone inrepparttar healing ministry experiences failure when praying with others for healing. "Failure" in this connection is simply not seeingrepparttar 126943 healing happen that you prayed for. "Failure" in prayer is never absolute because God always recognises our genuine efforts.

But we can reducerepparttar 126944 percentage of failures by giving attention torepparttar 126945 possible causes. This article briefly discusses some ofrepparttar 126946 causes and suggests some solutions.

1. Faith The disciples once asked Jesus to increase their faith (Luke 17. 5). His reply may seem somewhat obtuse. He certainly did not respond to them as they expected, telling them what they could do if they had evenrepparttar 126947 tiniest amount of faith.

Is there a lesson for us here? Most certainly! It is, perhaps, twofold. Firstly, we use what faith we have got atrepparttar 126948 time. An obvious implication since Jesus did not do what they asked. Secondly, we need to improverepparttar 126949 quality ofrepparttar 126950 faith we have. Another clear, perhaps even clearer implication of Jesus' response.

How? Not easy to give a short answer. But look atrepparttar 126951 life of someone like Smith Wigglesworth. (Never heard of him? You really do need to get down to your nearest Christian book shop!). Readingrepparttar 126952 biographies about create considerable enthusiasm in oneself - at first. Then you might begin to get frustrated afterrepparttar 126953 first four or five. Why? Because none ofrepparttar 126954 writers (can?) tell you how he came to have such great faith. He certainly did not start with it!

In conversation recently a lady pointed torepparttar 126955 real reason: "I felt disgusted with myself," she said, "because ofrepparttar 126956 great love he had forrepparttar 126957 Lord". That isrepparttar 126958 ultimate key.

2. Time We do not, however, love God in isolation from his people. In his first letter, at 4. 20 John tells us that a person is a liar who says he loves God while hating his brother. Indeed, he says that anyone who does not love his brother, whom he has seen, cannot claim to love God, whom he has never seen.

We need to love those we pray with enough to spend whatever amount of time is necessary to get torepparttar 126959 root of their problem and so pray effectively for them. Failure here is an important cause of nonhealing.Yet Jesus has commanded us that: anyone who loves God must also love his brother.

3. Unfocussed Prayer In fact, this follows fromrepparttar 126960 last point. We need to spend time making an adequate assessment of what is wrong withrepparttar 126961 person only so that we can pray specifically into that situation. This is something my wife and I lay considerable stress on in our book "The Keys To Praying For Healing". Is importance cannot be overlooked.

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