Meet The New Kerry, Same As The Old Kerry !

Written by J.R.

I sit here this morning seething as I am gathering my thoughts onrepparttar next J.R.'s Take. I am absolutely livid withrepparttar 125994 democratic presidential front runner, Sen. John F. Kerry, and so should you be. John F. Kerry has said that if elected, he will abandonrepparttar 125995 war on terror, begin a dialogue with terrorist regimes, and apologize forrepparttar 125996 mistakes ofrepparttar 125997 Bush administration !

In a December foreign-policy address torepparttar 125998 Council on Foreign Relations, Kerry calledrepparttar 125999 war on terror, led by President Bush, "the most arrogant, inept, reckless and ideological foreign policy in modern history."

Kerry's address was praised byrepparttar 126000 main stream media. "Kerry Vows to Repair Foreign relations," headlinedrepparttar 126001 Associated Press. The new focus on foreign policy "plays to Kerry's strength" noted Knight Ridder News Service. "Kerry Vows to Change U.S. Foreign Policy; Senator Describes Steps he Would Take as President," headlinedrepparttar 126002 Washington Post. None ofrepparttar 126003 major main stream media found Kerry's address at all inappropriate.

Kerry promised that inrepparttar 126004 first 100 days of his administration that he would travelrepparttar 126005 world to denounce his predecessor, apologize for his "radically wrong" policy, and seek "cooperation and compromise" with friend and enemy. Kerry said he would go torepparttar 126006 United Nations and travel to our allies and affirm thatrepparttar 126007 United States has rejoinedrepparttar 126008 community of nations.

Apologize ? Cooperation and Compromise ? Radically wrong policy ? Whatrepparttar 126009 hell is wrong with this guy ? He wants America to apologize for responding to a terrorist attack that killed 3,000 innocent, defenseless people, who were going about their business before they were rudely interrupted and killed or wounded. He wants us to apologize for a U.S. ship being attacked in a port in Yemen and 17 U.S. Sailors being killed and a ship being damaged. He wants us to apologize for two of our U.S. embassy's being attacked and over 300 people being killed. He wants us to apologize forrepparttar 126010 first attack onrepparttar 126011 World Trade Center in 1993 that killed 6 innocent people and injured 1,000 more.

Who Does A Conservative Vote For ?

Written by J.R.

Recently I received an email from a listener stating that President Bush was wrong for america, that although he fights terrorism he won't guard our borders. He further stated thatrepparttar President cuts taxes, but spends worse than any liberal in history. The listener went on to say just becauserepparttar 125993 President is better than any democrat doesn't make him good forrepparttar 125994 country.

Well ladies and gentelmen, herein liesrepparttar 125995 problem. Who do we conservatives vote for ?

The answer lies withinrepparttar 125996 listeners email. Quote "just becauserepparttar 125997 President is better than any Democrat doesn't make him good forrepparttar 125998 country". In his statement we find six words which answer our question, The President is BETTER than any Democrat . This doesn't just make him good forrepparttar 125999 country it makes him BETTER forrepparttar 126000 country.

The Presidents recent annoucement of a new immigration policy andrepparttar 126001 fact that he has increased Federal spending are reasons for conservatives to be upset, but don't cut off your nose to spite your face. Many conservatives are threatening to vote forrepparttar 126002 Democratic Presidential candidate, or not to vote at all.

Consider this,repparttar 126003 democrats are in favor of an even more liberal immigration plan thanrepparttar 126004 Presidents. The democrats would increase Federal spending even more than it currently is, remember Senator Kerry is considered to have a more liberal voting record than Senator Kennedy.

Many conservatives are forgetting thatrepparttar 126005 President has stood with us on most issues that we hold dear, National Defense, Outlawing Partial Birth Abortion, Savingrepparttar 126006 sanctity of marriage, and cutting taxes.

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