Meditation with background music?

Written by Werner Boersch

Most people find it difficult, by exercising meditation, to focus and to empty totally their minds. There is a technique to eliminate that problem. Start with choosing a certain daytime to your convenience to do your every day meditation. Over time, it will become your most pleasant time of your day, youíll awaiting it from day to day. It will become your most intimate time during your day and a secret place to retire to.

You can meditate how long you ever like and have time to. It can be duringrepparttar daytime or also in evening(but attention - do not fall asleep). Do it for 10 minutes or for ten hours, itís by you. You can do it sitting in a comfortable cheer or lay down supine. Your position should be comfortable enough to permit you a complete relaxation. During your meditation, you should be all over relaxed and not force any muscles of your body. Before you start relax a little, calm down from stress and try to eliminate any thinking about whatever, even not aboutrepparttar 122285 thinking itself.

Focus your attention onto your breathing, follow your respiration with your thoughts, feel howrepparttar 122286 air goes in and out through your nose and brings a stream of energy to you. (Never breath through your mouth!) Imagine your breathing as a stream of pure energy coming in to you. Pay attention for your neck, often it will be forced without youíre conscious and feel it. Try avoiding that because it brings you to headaches. You respiration should be like that what youíve learned fromrepparttar 122287 yoga positions, meaningrepparttar 122288 complete yoga respiration. (See

Again, think anything, try to empty your mind completely. If you should find that difficult to do, let your thoughts simple flow without paying any attention to them,repparttar 122289 mind is like an old wife that never will stop and shut up withrepparttar 122290 words, let them flow. A little trick can help stopping your mind from thinking; try to turn your closed eyes up right torepparttar 122291 middle of your front between your eyes brown. There is followingrepparttar 122292 Indian tradition your third eye and in fact youíll perceive there during deeper meditation states all of your existence or being.

How to Dowse or Water Witch

Written by Stephanie Yeh

Keywords: water witching, divination, magickal divination, dowsing, water dowsing, pendulum, Polly Cady, Stephanie Yeh, dowser, water witch.

Description: Article fromrepparttar Esoteric School of Magic and Shamanism on using water witching or dowsing as a form of divination.

HOW TO Dowse or Water Witch By Stephanie Yeh ================================================== "Water Witching." The term sounds so delightful, mystical, and wonderful, doesn't it? Water witching isrepparttar 122284 art of using a magical tool, such as a pendulum or dowsing rods, or psychic abilities to find underground sources of water. People, including some plumbers, have been practicing water witching and dowsing for centuries.

Dowsing is actually a specific form of divination, which isrepparttar 122285 art of accessing information not available torepparttar 122286 five senses. Other forms of divination includerepparttar 122287 tarot, water bowls, scrying in chalices, and Rune stones.

According to Polly Cady, a master dowser of 14 years, one ofrepparttar 122288 easiest ways to get started with water witching or dowsing is to start with a pendulum. You can make a pendulum from almost any lightweight object suspended on a chain, string or thread. Lightweight objects you can use include paper clips, small rocks, earrings, hairpins, pendants, small medallions, crystals and talismans. If you choose to use a crystal, use an amethyst because other kinds of crystals become too easily contaminated.

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