Medical Tourism - Cape Town

Written by James Johannisen

The medical tourism business in Cape Town is booming - fuelled byrepparttar rand exchange rates clients get unrivalled value for your money: instead of cut-rate procedures that compromise on quality and standards, they’re sure of state-of-the-art facilities and world-renowned medical practitioners. This has led torepparttar 149746 city’s first one-stop gateway for potential international patients. Mediscapes ( has brought under one roofrepparttar 149747 full spectrum of top medical specialists, post-operative treatments, luxury accommodation and tours to other parts of South Africa. Mediscapes managing director Peter Ordway says “Each client’s needs are different, so we adopt a completely personalised approach. We work extremely closely with each individual client, providing tailor-made packages to address their unique needs and, atrepparttar 149748 same time, and we guarantee their personal safety and privacy.”

Changing the face of plastic surgery in Cape Town- South Africa - Mediscapes

Written by James Johannisen

A few years ago, people went to small clinics for extended periods of time in secret, to have their plastic surgery. But, today plastic surgery is simple, safe and so convenient that it can be incorporated into your holiday itinerary.

In support ofrepparttar advances in Plastic Surgery, which truly has made it an outpatient procedure, but in appreciation of that a person would like to take a few extra days to recuperate, which can be arranged through one company, takingrepparttar 149745 hassle out of sourcingrepparttar 149746 best surgeons and suitable accommodation.

These “cosmetic holidays” have appeal to bothrepparttar 149747 local and international visitor, especially withrepparttar 149748 rising cost of plastic surgery in Europe and USA. For example, a person may fly into Cape Town, take a few days to enjoyrepparttar 149749 city, and then undergo their respective procedure, followed by a few days afterwards to recuperate and relax.

The concept of international visitors traveling to South Africa for a “Cosmetic Holiday” is not new but our clinics have distinguished fromrepparttar 149750 rest withrepparttar 149751 level of professionalism and complete attention to pro- and post- operative care.

The Clinic

The Cape Town, South African private clinic is dedicated torepparttar 149752 highest standards of surgical excellence and patient welfare. The clinic offers an extensive range of both surgical and non-surgical procedures, as well as skin care therapy. One ofrepparttar 149753 important philosophies ofrepparttar 149754 clinic is to provide each patient with appropriate treatment for their particular condition. To achieve thisrepparttar 149755 Clinic has bought together some ofrepparttar 149756 finest Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Theatre Sisters and Skincare therapists, all under one roof. This is just one example ofrepparttar 149757 top exclusive Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeries in Cape Town, South Africa. With a choice of these types of clinics or whether you go to a Surgeon with one of our top hospitals, you shall always be in good, trusted hands. South Africa is becoming more and more popular with foreign patients coming for various types of surgery, due torepparttar 149758 international standards our Surgeons have andrepparttar 149759 favourable currency forrepparttar 149760 foreigners to afford onlyrepparttar 149761 Best.

Addressingrepparttar 149762 Concerns

One ofrepparttar 149763 biggest concerns of both local and international visitors when traveling to a foreign city for Plastic Surgery is that they are alone. Surgery atrepparttar 149764 best of times, can be concerning, but when in a foreign city, without family or friends, that concern is magnified. We have various solutions, such a private theatre nurses and personal assistants at hand to deal with all pre- and post- operative requirements, and to assist every step ofrepparttar 149765 way.

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