Medical Miracle or Mistake?

Written by Lady Camelot

Medical Miracle or Mistake? by Lady Camelot

Fundamental elements of life andrepparttar aspects of cloning bring dramatic advancement torepparttar 132456 scientific and medical community; however, is this fast-paced artificial reproduction an intrusion of Nature or a doorway to infinite, medical cures?

In lieu of scientific developments inrepparttar 132457 biological mainstream,repparttar 132458 human intervention of life and it's natural state are of utmost concern. Questions are being raised as to what constitutes life produced naturally into this world as opposed to man-made biocreationism. Current events depict a dangerously evolving senerio that will eventually lead to life altering, moral dilemmas.

The query here is whether we, as human beings, can justifyrepparttar 132459 birth of alternative life. Physicians of all fields excitedly anticipate what expectedly will stimulate medical achievements on a phenomenal scope.

If you can, imaginerepparttar 132460 limitless possibilities. Heart transplant waiting lists would be a thing ofrepparttar 132461 past. Accident victims could eventually have limb replacements by way of simple, DNA extraction. The ideology that manipulated organs can be created on demand, will definitely expand human lifespans. This, in turn, will bare increasing weight on this already over-populated world.

What becomesrepparttar 132462 deciding factor of who lives or dies will have serious reprecussions. "Logan's Run," a 70's television series comes to mind when faced with this imminent technology. In this program,repparttar 132463 Earth is overpopulated and depleted of natural resources. This fictional dramatization depicts life without illness; however, when one reachesrepparttar 132464 age of 30, he or she is incinerated to create more space for those remaining. Although "Logan's Run" was only a novelty, it was indeed a sign of things to come.

Babel Vs. the PC

Written by Lady Camelot

Babel vs.repparttar PC by Lady Camelot

Imagine a time when mankind was young. Migration led many torepparttar 132454 land of Shinar. It was during that time, that man came together and decided to build not only a city but a tower that would reachrepparttar 132455 heavens. Seeingrepparttar 132456 structure,repparttar 132457 Lord was not very pleased. In fact, He knew what trouble this could lead to, so He confused mankind with different languages and scattered them acrossrepparttar 132458 face ofrepparttar 132459 earth. Thus, isrepparttar 132460 story of Babel. (Babylon,repparttar 132461 remains of an ancient city, is now located in Iraq.)

Eerily, times of a rich, historical past parallel today's society. The familiarity to modern civilization is uncanny. Inrepparttar 132462 biblical tale ofrepparttar 132463 tower of Babel, men came together with one language and one common goal:repparttar 132464 desire to controlrepparttar 132465 land and all that lay beneathrepparttar 132466 tower. Makingrepparttar 132467 impossible - possible to Human nature.

The construction ofrepparttar 132468 tower of Babel tells a story of man and its amorous lust for greed and power. To build such a massive structure that led directly torepparttar 132469 heavens, what a marvel it must have been. Thoughrepparttar 132470 tale is simple, its meaning is vast. Herein liesrepparttar 132471 virtue of society itself. Withrepparttar 132472 industrialized world at its peak and infinite computerized technological advances, we have reachedrepparttar 132473 brink of Babel. In this day and age, mankind hasrepparttar 132474 means to communicate torepparttar 132475 far outreaches of allrepparttar 132476 earth. With mere strokes upon a keyboard, we can speak with persons of different languages, cultures, race, religion and region. There are no boundaries torepparttar 132477 human initiative.

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