Medical Electional Astrology

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

Electional and horary astrology are two areas of astrology that deserve more attention from students and professionals than they sometimes get.

Related in interpretation but different in intent, horary and electional astrology are two forms of astrological chart analysis that are similar by analogy torepparttar relationship between deductive and inductive reasoning.

In horary astrology, a question is asked at a specific time and a chart is cast for that moment. Thenrepparttar 122368 chart is interpreted according torepparttar 122369 rules of horary interpretation to yield an answer.

In electional astrology, someone wants to choose an auspicious or lucky time for an event inrepparttar 122370 future that can be planned, such as a marriage, signing real estate papers, or, inrepparttar 122371 case of Ronald Reagan, a presidential swearing-in ceremony. The astrologer begins by speculating withrepparttar 122372 client on a desirable time inrepparttar 122373 future and then casts a chart for that time and date. This chart is interpreted according torepparttar 122374 guidelines for electional astrology in order to determine if this isrepparttar 122375 best possible date to insure success.

In reviewing a tentative electional chart,repparttar 122376 astrologer must decide whether or notrepparttar 122377 date and time are satisfactory. In truth, since it is not possible to get a “perfect” electional chart, s/he usually winds up casting half a dozen charts and trying to chooserepparttar 122378 one that makesrepparttar 122379 most sense.

Ivy M. Goldstein-Jacobson isrepparttar 122380 High Priestess of Horary and Electional Astrologer. She has donerepparttar 122381 most recently to develop and refinerepparttar 122382 art of this kind of interpretation. Mrs. Jacobson lived from 1893 to 1990. Another expert inrepparttar 122383 field is William Lilly. He wrote inrepparttar 122384 17th Century!

Mrs. Jacobson’s wonderful books are now back in print and available on several Internet sites. Many are available secondhand through Mrs. Jacobson’s book on horary is called “Simplified Horary Astrology”.

Another essential tool for interpreting charts this way is Rex E. Bills’ “The Rulership Book”, also widely available onrepparttar 122385 Internet. The Rulership Book tells you what sign rules just about anything you can think of from Israel torepparttar 122386 kitchen sink. This information is critical to horary and electional chart interpretation.

Let’s look at some ofrepparttar 122387 basic steps for reading an electional chart for an operation. Suppose a client has come to asking when isrepparttar 122388 best time for surgery to remove her uterus.

1. The first thing is to identifyrepparttar 122389 rulership ofrepparttar 122390 area ofrepparttar 122391 body being operated on. We establish this through Bills’ “Rulerships” book or general knowledge --repparttar 122392 uterus is a reproductive organ and is therefore ruled by Scorpio andrepparttar 122393 planet Mars.

The rest ofrepparttar 122394 interpretation follows these general guidelines.

2. The 8th house signifies surgery (Jacobson: “The 7th rulesrepparttar 122395 doctor or physician:repparttar 122396 surgeon who usually cuts away a part that then dies is ruled byrepparttar 122397 death-8th.”)..

3. The 1st house signifiesrepparttar 122398 patient.

4. Mercury representsrepparttar 122399 instrumentsrepparttar 122400 surgeon will use.

5. The recovery process is signified byrepparttar 122401 6th house.

Examinerepparttar 122402 rulers of these houses andrepparttar 122403 planets that inhabit them to see what kind of aspects and information are revealed, positive or negative.

For example, if Taurus rulesrepparttar 122404 6th house,repparttar 122405 ruler of that house is Venus. Look to see where Venus is inrepparttar 122406 chart and how it is aspected in order to find out howrepparttar 122407 recovery process will go.

The Seven Laws of the Universe

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

The 7 Laws ofrepparttar Universe Metaphysics isrepparttar 122367 right brain version of physics. Both physics and meta-physics are fields which endeavor to explore and understand howrepparttar 122368 world was created -- one withrepparttar 122369 left brain, one withrepparttar 122370 right. According to a wonderful little book I keep at my bedside called The Kybalion, there are 7 basic laws ofrepparttar 122371 Universe and these are they: 1. Mentalism: The Universe is mental. All is mind. 2. Correspondence: As above, so below. 3. Vibration: Everything is in motion. Nothing is still. 4. Polarity: Everything has its pairs of opposites. 5. Rhythm: The pendulum swing manifests in everything. The measure ofrepparttar 122372 swing torepparttar 122373 right isrepparttar 122374 measure ofrepparttar 122375 swing torepparttar 122376 left. 6. Cause and Effect: There are many planes of causation but nothing escapes this law. 7. Gender: Gender manifests on all planes. Here is an example of each law in action inrepparttar 122377 everyday world. 1. The Law of Mentalism. Every thing that appears in your world was once a thought you had. When I teach students metaphysics, I ask them to indicate an important event in their life and then to return torepparttar 122378 place in time when they plantedrepparttar 122379 seed for this event with a thought. A woman told me she had suffered in poverty for 7 years having foolishly bought a business inrepparttar 122380 worst part of town. She realized this was because once she had prayed to experience as broad and as deep a life as possible. That was when this seed was planted. 2. The Law of Correspondence. This law teaches us that we can understandrepparttar 122381 unseen by carefully observing what we can see with our own two eyes. When a woman is about to go out on a date with a new man, I encourage her to look at how he treatsrepparttar 122382 waitress and how he eats his meal. This isrepparttar 122383 way he will be treating her and having sex with her after his guard is down (should she choose to continue to date him). 3. The Law of Vibration. Everything vibrates. Nothing is still. This Law helps us to understandrepparttar 122384 essence of things. It is this fine network of vibrations that connects us with every other living thing. You might picture it as an invisible world wide web. It is in tune withrepparttar 122385 vibrations ofrepparttar 122386 universe that we attract and are attracted to every experience in our life. To use a metaphor, suppose you like country and western music. If you set your radio dial to country and western you will not hear classical or jazz music. If you vibrate at a peaceful level, you will not meet people who are violent.

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