Me and Mao Tse-Tung!

Written by Khalid Osman

My first political experience was with Mao Tse-Tung on 1968-69. That political experience occured in Sudan not in China! I could possibly see right now some surprises onrepparttar faces of my valued readers.

That was exactly beforerepparttar 142225 second Sudanese military dictator Ga'far Numeri took over power through his coup d'etat in May 25, 1969.

I was atrepparttar 142226 final level of my intermediate school and about to receiverepparttar 142227 results ofrepparttar 142228 high secondary school examination that time.

I read a lot of Mao's Red Books duringrepparttar 142229 second democracy inrepparttar 142230 Sudanese history.

It was called democracy, but I was not sure if it really was!

I always have a lot of DOTS inrepparttar 142231 Sudanese way of understanding DEMOCRACY and practicing it, becauserepparttar 142232 three periods of what they call democracy in Sudan led to dictatorship. So, what'srepparttar 142233 odds?!

Well, early in that year of my age inrepparttar 142234 intermediate school, I had much respect for Mao Tse-Tung so I wore one of his Red beautiful Medals on my T-Shirt just overrepparttar 142235 heart.

I came this way one evening torepparttar 142236 school and found my class-room door

closed. Just before I put my hand onrepparttar 142237 doorknop, I heardrepparttar 142238 heavy steps andrepparttar 142239 voice ofrepparttar 142240 headmaster coming alongrepparttar 142241 corridor. I pushedrepparttar 142242 door open and enteredrepparttar 142243 class-room to hear some ofrepparttar 142244 students singing and to see one of them dancing.

At that specific moment and exactly while I held my index finger over my lips saying "shhh",repparttar 142245 headmaster entered, glanced like an eagle and capturedrepparttar 142246 full "prospects". Everything, evenrepparttar 142247 small details. He was a "rightist" member of one ofrepparttar 142248 top governing parties.

The student who was dancing was a son of a well known Islamic figure inrepparttar 142249 town. And I who carried Mao's thoughts am a son of a well known unionist member. The majority of my comrades were fromrepparttar 142250 middle class, except few who were aristocratic.

How Bill Cosby Got iy Wrong

Written by Tamika Johnson

Bill Cosby got it wrong. His many speeches regardingrepparttar plight of poor blacks in this country and their lack of personal responsibility were not only offrepparttar 142066 mark, but completely irresponsible.

Cosby failed to take into account many mitigating factors, in what became his regular rants on poor blacks in this country. For example,repparttar 142067 last ofrepparttar 142068 civil rights laws was passed in 1965, so it's been forty years sincerepparttar 142069 physical signs of government sanctioned racism have been in place. Please explain to me how in forty years we are to undo centuries of terror and government sponsored segregation, emasculation and murder? While I don't believe blamingrepparttar 142070 white man for your problems isrepparttar 142071 answer, preaching to a roomful of upwardly mobile blacks who are probably doing nothing to help those who are less fortunate then they are is pointless and doesn’t do anything to helprepparttar 142072 cause of those you’re complaining about. Poverty is a hard cycle to break; especially if you're black and suffer a history where, inrepparttar 142073 not to distance past, if you dared to assert yourself as an entrepreneurial, educated black person you could find yourself hanging from a tree. This is a country that used to burn blacks alive for fun. That not to long ago raped a man with a broom handle and two years ago sent a young black boy to prison for having sex with a white girl. This is a country where there are several states that have never sent a white man to death row for killing a black man but routinely send black ones to death row for crimes that they may not have committed, look at Illinois, and that is not even a southern state. Now as a young black woman who was raised by a single mother, one who was welfare and who only has a GED, I could so easily be one of those non English speaking, uneducated loud dressing, black folk he was talking about. But I'm not. I'm well educated and I am quite familiar withrepparttar 142074 English language. But guess what, I've been denied jobs and treated horribly because I am black and for no other reason. And if Cosby or anyone else thinks that that doesn't have an effect on those who are not blessed to have a parent who recognizesrepparttar 142075 value of an education and who adequately prepares you forrepparttar 142076 racist country in which we live, then he and everyone else who feels that way are sadly mistaken.

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