Me? Owning My Own Business?

Written by Darryl Daugherty

Me? Owning My Own Business? (Part 1)

Freedom is something we here inrepparttar United States cherish. We, as a nation, have never been defeated, within our borders, by any other nation. Our ancestors fought for freedom. We have demonstrated, as a nation,repparttar 117427 fulfillment ofrepparttar 117428 American Dream:repparttar 117429 idea that prosperity, wealth and financial independence are available to anyone willing to put forthrepparttar 117430 effort through honesty, hard work and strong determination.

Therefore,repparttar 117431 concept and expectation of freedom seems to be engrained within us as Americans. This beingrepparttar 117432 case, we naturally tend to rebel against any form of tyranny or oppression. 9/11 demonstrated this, as at least some form of patriotism became strongly evident. We valuerepparttar 117433 freedom to make our own decisions and live our own lives, without fear of reprisal or repercussion.

We valuerepparttar 117434 freedom to create our own schedule, own personal property, and voice our own opinions, in a world filled with dictators and mad tyrants. We value our leisure time, as sales of sports equipment, video games, and many other items relating to recreation will testify.

Affiliates - Avoid These Two Big Mistakes

Written by Julie Georg

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Affiliates - Avoid These Two Big Mistakes

You hearrepparttar 117426 success stories and you seerepparttar 117427 potential for earning an income onrepparttar 117428 internet. Mistake number one to avoid is jumping in and joining a bunch of affiliate programs, then picking uprepparttar 117429 services and software that you're told you need for marketing, here and there, willy- nilly, spending way too much money, and then making your- self crazy keeping it all straight and trying to make it all work together. Do yourself a favor and do some research. Then make a plan. Fail to plan = plan to fail!

If you are already an affiliate for any program, you've probably heard that to really succeed you need a website. Mistake number two is to ignore this advice. You DO need a website. Yes, many affiliate programs give you one or more websites to use to promote their program or product. However, these aren't true sites, they are glorified sales letters. There's nothing wrong with these and you will use them, but they are notrepparttar 117430 kind of site you need to have to really succeed with affiliate programs. You need a site that is your unique web BUSINESS. If you're not building a business, you're not going to go very far.

Avoid these mistakes by planning your affiliate business and having a website. These two things go hand in hand. Your website isrepparttar 117431 presentation of you business, as well as how you DO business inrepparttar 117432 Net.

Now, a few questions:

First, what kind of affiliate business will you build?

This is why it is a mistake to just go out and join all kinds of affiliate programs -repparttar 117433 type of business you choose will determine which affiliate programs you join. And please forget about just putting up a list of affiliate links. Be honest with yourself. Does that type of site encourage YOU to buy? Always keep in mind that most people are onrepparttar 117434 Net looking for information, NOT repparttar 117435 opportunity to buy something. Offer good information and you will find a grateful audience. You'll also find plenty of affiliate programs to fit with almost any kind of information!

A word of caution - if you want your business to be about internet marketing - trying to sell all those programs and services I mentioned - please considerrepparttar 117436 competition. A lot of people are doing this and few do it very well. Consider trying to work a niche market. Ken Evoy explains this really well in his free Affiliate Masters course (See Author's box at end of article).

Need some inspiration? You can see examples of a great variety of different web businesses at .

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