Mazda’s Miata Starts Off Empire

Written by Mazda Fan

Car enthusiasts are always onrepparttar lookout for an affordable sports car. Overrepparttar 141990 years, many companies have tried to fill that niche, with varying success. Indeed, it takes a brave and intelligent manufacturer to come up with an attractive, pleasurable and cost-conscious sports vehicle. Luckily, Mazda was able to do just that.

Plans for a unique open two-seater began around 1981. With a team based in both California and Japan, a design focused on a compact, streamlined, easy-to-handle, and overall unassuming sports car began to take shape. Around 1989, torepparttar 141991 delight of millions worldwide,repparttar 141992 Mazda Miata was born.

The very first Miata was extremely small in size andrepparttar 141993 complete effect was certainly remarkable. Takerepparttar 141994 wheelbase, which was just 89.2 inches and stretched to a total of 155.2 inches. The highly engineered steering combined withrepparttar 141995 smaller disk brakes worked like a charm. The interior amenities were minimal, but sufficient.

In the Beginning: Mercury Automobiles

Written by Mercury Fan

Mercury was established in 1939 as a brand withinrepparttar Ford Motor Company. Originally,repparttar 141888 idea was to create a car that fell betweenrepparttar 141889 popular, low-priced Ford andrepparttar 141890 luxury model. To do this, they came up withrepparttar 141891 Mercury Marauder.

Inrepparttar 141892 1960’s an enthusiasm for race car driving was sweepingrepparttar 141893 nation. Realizing this, Mercury decided to take its cars to stock car racing. With top drivers behindrepparttar 141894 wheel like Parnelli Jones,repparttar 141895 newly christened Mercury Marauder hitrepparttar 141896 circuit. In 1963,repparttar 141897 Marauder won eight stock car titles and other racing awards.

The success ofrepparttar 141898 Mercury Marauder was meteoric. In turn, Ford decided to create a Marauder series available in a two-door hardtop design. In 1964repparttar 141899 additional changes were made torepparttar 141900 series and a variety of options were offered. For example, each ofrepparttar 141901 Mercury models, includingrepparttar 141902 Mercury Monterrey Marauder, Mercury Montclair Marauder, and a Mercury Park Land Marauder, came with a choice of engines up to 390 horsepower.

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