Mazatlan Frank Tour Guide

Written by Yvon Marier

While we were in Mazatlan, we took a Copala and city tour with Mazatlan Frank. We looked forward to it very much because Frank was highly recommended. He picked us up inrepparttar morning and headed off to Copala. Copala is a delightful little village about 40 miles from Mazatlan onrepparttar 139261 mountains, which was once a thriving mining town. Duringrepparttar 139262 ride, Frank kept us entertained withrepparttar 139263 history of Mazatlan, pointing out roadside interests, and best of all, his wonderful sense of humor. Frank's exceptional English, knowledge, charm and wit have made this tour so much more enjoyable. Alongrepparttar 139264 way to Copala, we made stops to see handmade bricks, tiles and potteries (incredible!!), beautiful hand-carved furniture (my wife had to convince me we couldn't bring furniture home inrepparttar 139265 plane), andrepparttar 139266 freshest homemade bakery (yummy!). Once we got to Copala, I was amazed by their arts and crafts. We spent some time browsingrepparttar 139267 town, and then off to this unique restaurant for a fabulous lunch, which includedrepparttar 139268 famous, absolutely delicious banana coconut cream pie!

Catch Some Zzzzzzzzzzzz at Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel

Written by Carolyn Proctor

Catch Some Zzzzzzzzzzzz at Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel

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Little did Zane Grey know, as he penned over 80 western novels in his home on Santa Catalina Island, offrepparttar coast of California, thatrepparttar 139226 house he designed in 1929 would someday be a charming bed-and-breakfast inn.

A prolific, best-selling novelist, Zane Grey created robust stories ofrepparttar 139227 American West. Almost single-handedly, he maderepparttar 139228 Western a new, recognized literary genre. His books glorifiedrepparttar 139229 beauty ofrepparttar 139230 West andrepparttar 139231 frontier character and values of its people; he was ahead of his time in his respectful portrayal ofrepparttar 139232 American Indian. Zane Grey’s books had romantic titles like: Call ofrepparttar 139233 Canyon, Riders ofrepparttar 139234 Purple Sage, The Thundering Herd, Underrepparttar 139235 Tonto Rim, and The Vanishing American. Many of his stories were transported by Hollywood torepparttar 139236 big screen.

A sprawling pueblo inrepparttar 139237 Hopi Indian style, Zane Grey builtrepparttar 139238 home when he came torepparttar 139239 island town of Avalon in 1926.

“We’ve tried to keep it as authentic as possible,” says hotel manager Mike Shehabi.

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