Maybe Women Should Run the Web!

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

We all know thatrepparttar idea of business onrepparttar 119068 web came on with a roar and now lies whimpering and licking its wounds inrepparttar 119069 safety ofrepparttar 119070 shadows. Who wasrepparttar 119071 enemy? Who or what was it that clawed and scrapedrepparttar 119072 potential of online business so brutally that early enthusiasts are now seen as foolish, wild- eyed dreamers? What brought down an idea that was bigger and more powerful than a raging beast at full roar?

The Greed Monster. Greed and fear always do this to us.

Greed drivesrepparttar 119073 spammers that clogrepparttar 119074 in-boxes of evenrepparttar 119075 most casual email user. They promise instant gratification of our every desire -- financial or erotic. Just send your money.

Greed droverepparttar 119076 venture capitalists that dumped huge amounts of cash into poorly conceived ideas for internet businesses. Early VC losses can be directly tied torepparttar 119077 greed factor in investing. "Gimme your money and fast!"

Greed drivesrepparttar 119078 multi-level marketing programs that quickly sprouted wings online as more promises of instant wealth were strewn acrossrepparttar 119079 web. "Just send your money, hurry while there is still time to get in onrepparttar 119080 ground floor!"

Greed droverepparttar 119081 corporate behemoths to launch "web initiatives" so they might beat their competition online. "Hurry before our competition kills us and drains our profits!" But to what end?

So now that we knowrepparttar 119082 enemy. What do we do to vanquish him? I userepparttar 119083 masculine here because it evokesrepparttar 119084 warrior image. Mayberepparttar 119085 failure is in applying traditional male attributes torepparttar 119086 web. Power, fighting, hunting and killing don't work onrepparttar 119087 web. What does work?

Co-operation, community building, helpfulness and sharing. All attributes that are applied most often to women and are seen as feminine qualities.

We may be better off seeing this medium as a feminine one. When looking for valid business models online, just take a look at what works and who is making it work.

We'll Just Rule the World Now, OK?

Written by Mike Banks Valentine

One has to wonder ifrepparttar corporate directive at Microsoft is as blatant as it seems fromrepparttar 119067 outside. What is it that makes them behave as if monopolistic bullying is an inherent right forrepparttar 119068 biggest, baddest damned behemoth ever to roamrepparttar 119069 face ofrepparttar 119070 information economy? That they can rulerepparttar 119071 Earth just because they think they'd like to give it a go?

It is almost inconceivable that they already rule planet PC, fromrepparttar 119072 operating system, torepparttar 119073 web browser, torepparttar 119074 email client, torepparttar 119075 word processing program, torepparttar 119076 calendaring program, torepparttar 119077 media player, torepparttar 119078 spreadsheet, torepparttar 119079 financial software, torepparttar 119080 presentation application, torepparttar 119081 web server software, etc., etc., etc., ad infinitum.

Microsoft kinda oughtta be satisfied with that, eh? NOOOOO! Let's have them control software RE-licensing, enterprise mail servers, certification of network administrators, and GEE fellas! How's about we develop a system called .Net in which we store and control, via our proprietary system, allrepparttar 119082 information onrepparttar 119083 planet? Cool idea huh?

While we're at it, why don't we tie all our products together, being certain that nobody uses any competing software -- with Smart Tags? These little geniuses will not only allow us to control software worldwide, but allrepparttar 119084 advertising on every web page inrepparttar 119085 world by allowing us to plant hyperlinks on those pages that connect to advertisers who'll pay Microsoft to hijack website traffic? Jeeeezz! This is sooooo cool!

Judge Penfield Jackson couldn't remain unbiased when he saw these tactics and publicly stated his disdain for blatant monopolistic practices that only a team of Microsoft lawyers could possibly approve of. So it is almost as thoughrepparttar 119086 court of appeals has now said, "No matter how heinous a crime, don't ever let 'em see you flinch! It makes you look as if you actually have some morals and standards. Judges are not allowed public opinions!"

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