Maybe I Can Drive That Car

Written by Steve J. Murray

"Maybe I Can Drive That Car"

-Getting in and driving your recovery vehicle.

An Alcohol and Drug Addiction Survival Kit

for alcoholics, addicts, professionals, and normiesÖ by Steve J. Murray, NI-COR President and Founder


This book is not about using fifty cent words. I could expound uponrepparttar extrapolation ofrepparttar 132557 eclectic withinrepparttar 132558 dialectic- but I would lose most of you, including myself. This book is about real life, real words, and real recovery. Recovery is like learning to drive forrepparttar 132559 first time. Inrepparttar 132560 beginning we are nervous, hesitant, and make all kinds of errors. We over steer, under steer, hitrepparttar 132561 brakes too hard, punchrepparttar 132562 accelerator, run over curbs, scare little old ladies offrepparttar 132563 sidewalks, and generally donít think we have done so well. What appears to be a failure is reallyrepparttar 132564 start of what will become a skilled driver- one that will, through practice, be a life of amazing exploration, growth, and peace. Being unsure and unsteady is all normal; especially inrepparttar 132565 beginning. Being scared behindrepparttar 132566 wheel is alright. Sometimes we are growing, but donít realize it because ofrepparttar 132567 way we are feeling. Onrepparttar 132568 positive side, one benefit of this period isrepparttar 132569 fact that you will probably not wreckrepparttar 132570 car because of your heightened sense of awareness- it is when we get too confident in our driving abilities that caution is abandoned, and then we wreckrepparttar 132571 car because of our complacency. To be a good driver, you must practice, practice, practice. To be good at recovery, you must practice, practice, practice. This book will teach you how to live life free of alcoholism and drug addiction. Hence we begin our analogy of driving and recovery.

Chapter One- Alcoholism

Are you an alcoholic? Think aboutrepparttar 132572 times you were behindrepparttar 132573 wheel, or as a passenger in a vehicle while intoxicated. Pretty scary huh? I can remember driving one time and my friend asked me if I was okay to drive. I replied with, ďI canít seerepparttar 132574 windshield.Ē

We all have our tales of drinking and lived to tell about them. But are we really living. The following chapter will deal mostly withrepparttar 132575 tales that should have been recognized as insane behaviors- clues to a problem that were ignored. How can you be fully functional and yet be in a blackout?

How many have driven from one place to another, only to realize that they canít rememberrepparttar 132576 last four or five blocks. Did we run a red light? Perhaps we cut someone off, or driven too fast. So now we realize that it is possible to be fully functional, but not remember a thing about our actions. Imagine driving for three or four days and feelingrepparttar 132577 same way as you did that time you drove four blocks and canít remember. This is what it is like in a blackout. The person is fully functional, but comes out ofrepparttar 132578 blackout not remembering what they did, or where they went. I know of one habitual blackout drinker who would come out of his blackouts in a different part ofrepparttar 132579 country. Imagine starting out drinking in Arizona, and then waking up in Florida three days later. Imagine not knowing how you got there, or whose path you crossed, what you did and said. Not to mention if you committed a crime alongrepparttar 132580 way.

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