Maximizing The Time of Your Life

Written by Cheryl Vallejos

Setting goals Setting personal and business goals are a must if you want to experiencerepparttar benefit of time management. Setting goals outlines your intentions for what you plan to do and makes it real to you.

Goals are not results! Many people are afraid to set goals because they are afraid of what happens if they "fail" to achieve them. They believe that it negatively affects their self-image.

Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 145661 truth. One ofrepparttar 145662 most positive aspects of setting personal and professional goals is what not achieving a goal teaches you. If you don't achieve a goal, there can be any number of reasons why, some of which are beyond your control. However, examining why it was not achieved will yield valuable insights into your beliefs, attitudes and emotions.

Goal setting and motivation You need to feel desire about your goal. Motivation is desire. Do something because you really want to. You can use allrepparttar 145663 best techniques for goal setting and planning, but ifrepparttar 145664 desire is not there then: You’re less likely to achieverepparttar 145665 goal You feel a sense of emptiness about it if you do

Write your goals down! Write your goals down (or draw, paint them, etc). It helps to make them real where you can see them, rather than swirling about endlessly in your head, where they have no outlet. This will also help to keep you on track. The phrasing of goals is also very important. Phrase them inrepparttar 145666 present, so you can act as if they're already happening. This programs your brain to start working towards it. Use "I am...." instead of "I will...". The latter refers to some indeterminate time inrepparttar 145667 future, which may never happen. The former keeps you firmly focused inrepparttar 145668 here and now, while keepingrepparttar 145669 future in sight. Also remember that just because a goal is written down, doesn't mean that it is set in stone! You are always free to change and modify your goals as your circumstances change.

Residential Unit Development - $1.2 Billion Developer Tells You How To Start

Written by Colm Dillon

Creating a multi unit development on one Lot is one level uprepparttar rung fromrepparttar 145660 normal residential house entry point for most of us in real estate development. So today I want to take you to that next level and talk about developing several residences on one Lot. The number of residences we put onrepparttar 145661 Lot is not relevant at this stage, but for simplicity, let’s agree on a unit development of six (6).

First lets understand that inrepparttar 145662 84 countries my e-book, “Residential Development Made Easy,” is studied there are different terms or names used forrepparttar 145663 unit development. I am talking about a number of residences that are all on one level - all onrepparttar 145664 ground – there is no other unit on top – and I’ll call each one a ‘unit.’

Yes, in places they are called town houses or town homes or cluster houses, but for ease of understanding, lets agree on callingrepparttar 145665 units.

So if your ambition is to develop six a unit development,repparttar 145666 first question is, ”Where Do I Start?”

OK, every city or town inrepparttar 145667 free world has a Town Plan and it comprises, not surprisingly, of plans or maps, usually with lots of different colors all over them, to distinguishrepparttar 145668 different zonings ofrepparttar 145669 land in your Town. In addition there are By Laws that define in writing exactly what is allowed to be developed in each zone. For example, Residential Housing may be Yellow; Medium Density Housing, like for unit development, may be Pink; and Industrial Buildings Orange, whatever.

So you can see at a glance howrepparttar 145670 town plan is broken up into land use categories. Just as you can’t build a house anywhere you like, you can’t have a farm or a factory inrepparttar 145671 middle of a residential area either.

Sorepparttar 145672 first thing you must do is find out what isrepparttar 145673 ‘Zoning’ ofrepparttar 145674 land you own or are thinking of buying. Getting land Rezoned is another issue altogether.

Let’s assume your land is already zoned for Medium Density Residential. The Town Plan will tell you allrepparttar 145675 requirements you have to undertake to develop your six units. It will tell yourepparttar 145676 minimum Lot size allowed on which you can build two units.

It will tell yourepparttar 145677 distance in feet or metres you have to Set-Backrepparttar 145678 building line fromrepparttar 145679 boundaries ofrepparttar 145680 land,repparttar 145681 road, either internal and/or external.

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