Maximizing Click Through Traffic

Written by Todd W. Winslow

Anyone who runs affiliate programs on their website or who advertises on other sites, knowsrepparttar importance of click through traffic. The higher your click through percentage,repparttar 102595 higher your profits. Whether your income is generated byrepparttar 102596 hit, lead or sale, or any combination thereof, maximizing click through traffic is crucial in successfully marketing onrepparttar 102597 web.

The term click through is synonymous withrepparttar 102598 term hit - when a site visitor clicks a banner or text link taking them to another site or webpage.

In this article I will focus onrepparttar 102599 vast difference between banner ads and text links.

Banner Ads vs. Text Links:

If you're only promoting your affiliate programs or advertising your own business using banner ads, you're losingrepparttar 102600 vast majority of your click through traffic, which translates into lost income.

Banner ads tend to have a much lower click through percentage than text links. They also slowrepparttar 102601 speed at which your page loads and can be distracting - even annoying, to your site visitors. We're all very familiar with banner ads, as they are everywhere, which may partially explain their low click through or hit percentage. A lesser used and vastly more successful tactic isrepparttar 102602 text link.

A text link is a very short description ofrepparttar 102603 merchant's program, product, or service with a hyperlink to their website.


Learn how to start and promote an online business - FREE. Click Here

The words CLICK HERE are a hyperlink connecting torepparttar 102604 merchant's site -

The advantage of using text links over banner ads are numerous. The most important is they have a much higher click through or hit percentage than do banner ads.

The following example is actual statistics from one page on our website using one hour of traffic.

Product 1:

Banner Ad: 109 impressions / 5 hits Text Link: 109 impressions / 54 hits

Powerful Way To Build Your List While Generating Revenue From Affiliate Programs

Written by Vishal Rao

Affiliate programs are not only a great way to start an online business but also a smart way to develop a second income stream from your existing online business.

But to be really successful with affiliate programs or any online business for that matter, it is vital that you build your own opt-in list inrepparttar process.

Making a living by placing ads for affiliate programs is not just profitable anymore.

Here's some tips that'll not only increaserepparttar 102594 conversion ratio of your affiliate programs, but will also build your list inrepparttar 102595 process.


Most affiliate programs will have free reports/e-books to promote their program.

You can create a one page mini web site giving awayrepparttar 102596 free reports/e-books. BUT,repparttar 102597 only way your visitors should be able to access them is by giving away their e-mail addresses.

Here's an example of how I get subscribers to my list while promoting one of my affiliate programs...

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