Maximising Web Site Viewability - Browsers

Written by Phillip Harrison

With so many different configurations internet users have their computers set up with, it can be difficult to decide how web sites should be configured so that it is viewable in as many configurations as possible.

So inrepparttar last 6 months i have been loggingrepparttar 146830 statistics from my web design site to achieve as accurate a result as possible to answer this question.

The results are interesting reading and in my next few articles i will be analysing this data. First is browsers, and here arerepparttar 146831

general statistics :

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and above - 49% Firefox 1.0 and above - 34% Apple Safari - 15% Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 - 1% Macintosh Camino - 1%

One ofrepparttar 146832 things this shows is that Internet users do inrepparttar 146833 whole upgrade their internet browsers torepparttar 146834 newest version. Only a low percent are infact belowrepparttar 146835 newest version.

Browser Compatibility

Written by Phillip Harrison

Internet Explorer, created by microsoft has beenrepparttar most popular web browser for many years. Butrepparttar 146615 gap is shrinking withrepparttar 146616 release of Mozilla Firefox, by an open source community.

Atrepparttar 146617 last count it is said that there are 64 million firefox users onrepparttar 146618 internet. Growing in massive numbers byrepparttar 146619 day.

So,repparttar 146620 issue with browser compatibility is at its highest importance. The way browsers are constructed, they can show a webpage slightly differently.

For instance,repparttar 146621 IFRAME tag shows perfectly in Internet Explorer but does not show in Firefox. This is only one of many instances of none browser compatibility.

Therefore, webmasters should be making sure their web page is viewable in both internet explorer and firefox equally. If it doesnt, then they risk loosing a large percentage of web users. There is nothing worse than surfing a web site and not being able to see it properly in a particular browser.

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