Maui Honeymoon Resorts

Written by Randy Wilson

Each ofrepparttar dozens of Maui honeymoon resorts can be considered a work of art. You are destined to discover a haven that presents everything you seek inrepparttar 148630 perfect vacation. Hawaii is one ofrepparttar 148631 most popular honeymoon destinations inrepparttar 148632 world, which means a lot of expertise has gone intorepparttar 148633 design of Maui honeymoon packages.

The oceanfront beaches, hazy mountaintops, and lush, green vegetation arerepparttar 148634 canvas andrepparttar 148635 stage of your Maui honeymoon vacation. The most highly-developed areas ofrepparttar 148636 island continue to sparkle with nature's most alluring artifacts. This mystic aura of nature is why Maui honeymoons are so enchanting.

The island of Maui is endowed with tourist attractions. Evenrepparttar 148637 more basic Maui honeymoon resorts offer such amenities as private pools, tennis and golf courses, nature trails for hiking or biking, and immaculate ocean and beachside views. Maui honeymoon vacations have rightfully earnedrepparttar 148638 laudatory reputation asrepparttar 148639 most elegant and serene way to spendrepparttar 148640 opening days of a new marriage.

Some ofrepparttar 148641 most exquisite resorts are located alongrepparttar 148642 ocean's shore, but many value-priced retreats are located just a short distance fromrepparttar 148643 beach. Maui honeymoon packages usually include shuttle service or a vehicle rental to get you aroundrepparttar 148644 island. It is very tempting to spend a small fortune on a palatial shoreline suite, but your visit to Maui will be invigorating either way.

Exciting Costa Rica Honeymoon Vacations

Written by Randy Wilson

Couples experiencing their first Costa Rica honeymoon vacations are never dismayed. This scenic Central American nation is rich in nature and wildlife, with pristine oceanic coasts on two of its borders. The landscape and climate are so multifarious that one can drive through less than an hour of terrain and it will feel like an entirely new country.

Unlike some of its neighbors, Costa Rica is a very politically stable country. "Pura vida" is a commonly uttered phrase, which roughly translates to "pure life" in English. This motto encompasses everything you will encounter during your Costa Rica honeymoon. Torepparttar locals (affectionately known as "ticos"), pura vida is a philosophy that is lived, but not so easily described.

After agriculture, tourism isrepparttar 148629 largest industry in Costa Rica. The rainforest wildlife is some ofrepparttar 148630 most diverse inrepparttar 148631 world. Most Costa Rica honeymoon packages are designed to put you in touch with as much variety as you can possibly experience withinrepparttar 148632 few days of your stay.

Forrepparttar 148633 more adventurous couple, nature hikes, scuba diving, and canopy safaris will keep you onrepparttar 148634 move. Canopy safaris are extensive cable and pulley systems set up hundreds of feet inrepparttar 148635 air, allowing you an exhilarating trip throughrepparttar 148636 upper quarters ofrepparttar 148637 green jungle.

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