Materialism and Individuals

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

Perhaps I could make a lot of money by founding a Thinker’s Anonymous organization. It surely isrepparttar rage to eschew thinking.

Helping people achieve great things is worthwhile to your SELF.

If you do not know your SELF you will hurt those you try to make do what you want them to. This macho control mechanism built into materialistic society is exemplified by professionals and experts who are giving drugs to manage 'money-trees' (students and Ritalin, or old people and ECT especially) and managing bureaucracies or saying they are 'just' as they lead us to in-'just'-ice: 1. War 2. Religion and divisive ethnic ideologies - rather than ecumenical spiritual goals 3. Hate for others and putting women in a second class status 4. Insisting on education to make others BE like them 5. Pursuit of power rather than LOVE and creativity

It is summed up inrepparttar 148339 words ofrepparttar 148340 noted journal The Economist in their millennium issue - they call what we have 'an inhumane bureaucracy' as they enumeraterepparttar 148341 outcome ofrepparttar 148342 Napoleonic War's institution of 'standing armies'.

Wholism is spiritual & ass-'holes' are not.

Holism is not Wholism!

This is a response to a person who wantedrepparttar 148343 nuts and bolts of what I said in a detailed expose of Wholistic approaches that are in variance torepparttar 148344 way of many social programs and our overall bureaucracy. It is probably part ofrepparttar 148345 kind of thought thatrepparttar 148346 Beat Generation, Hippies, Cynics like Jesus and Goths or other drop-outs that ‘turn-on’ to new paradigms and alternatives, have been seeing sincerepparttar 148347 dawn of civilization.

Simple Beauty - 10 Tips that are Free and Easy

Written by Marie Gervacio

It is simple to look and feel more beautiful starting today. You can even put away your pocketbook because these tips are free.

1. Smile... it will brighten your day and others around you will feel your energy.

2. Stretch... cats know that total body stretch does wonders. Follow their example and roll up slowly out of bed and stretch gently. (For more tips on stretching here is a great book: AM/ PM Stretch for Health.)

3. Exercise... at least 20 mins of any continuous activity will boost your energy level and reduce bad stressors. You don't even to pay a membership fee. The key is continuous like a 20min walk or even mopping your floors. You will look and feel better.

4. Drink water. No other liquid is quite like it. Clear your system. 8 glasses are recommended daily. Your skin will radiate.

5. Rest... you need to take breaks duringrepparttar day and sleep at night. Takes breaks away from work space to keep fresh and focused. Make sure you are getting sufficient sleep at night since your body regenerates while you are sleeping. If you are constantly letting your mind wonder make a conscious decision to put away thoughts till morning. It is amazing how good your subconscious mind listens to your conscious mind (so be careful what you tell yourself)

6. Do good. When you do something for someone else without expecting anything in return you benefit in ways unimaginable. (the key is don't expect anything in return)

7. Exchange...repparttar 148188 money you spend on junk food for food that will enrich your body and soul. Start with a simple plan of exchange. Because some think healthy foods cost more, find out your spending pattern by making 2 lists:

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