Matching & Co-ordinating Your Home To Make It More Desirable

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When looking to create that desirable and harmonious feeling you get in some properties, making sure you co-ordinate is a key area to keep in mind.

Matching and co-ordinating is all about making surerepparttar different areas of your property gel and look their best. You can co-ordinate exterior features such as sheds, playhouses, fences, garages etc to create a welcoming and picturesque look to your property.

In order to create a co-ordinated look you might needrepparttar 100089 help of a designer initially if you don't feel confident tackling this alone.

Simply learn from what they do and copy different looks that appeal to you. Soon you will get a better feel of what works.

Do research and get inspiration from magazines and shows. Look at other properties to see what has been done already.

How To Use Mirrors To Open Up Smaller Spaces

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Mirrors are great for creating an illusion of space and are an affordable and easy way to open up a room or hallway.

Place mirrors onrepparttar sides in narrow hallways to make them less claustrophobic.

If you have a wall just in front ofrepparttar 100088 entrance then placing a mirror here open this up.

A mirror can be a great feature as well so consider investing in a really classy mirror and frame that stands out and complements repparttar 100089 rest ofrepparttar 100090 décor.

Use mirrors in bathrooms, you can be liberal here especially ifrepparttar 100091 room is small.

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