Mastering the Job Interview - 5 Tips to Make Yourself Irresistible to the Interviewer

Written by Brendon Turner

So you've figured out, more or less what you want to do and whererepparttar opportunities are. Now; you have been called for an interview. Here are five steps for interview success for students and graduates:

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare.

Thoroughly research each employer you pursue. It is not enough just to show up forrepparttar 146130 interviews and hope forrepparttar 146131 best.

Takerepparttar 146132 time to research and understandrepparttar 146133 company andrepparttar 146134 person who is givingrepparttar 146135 interview. Students should approach their answers fromrepparttar 146136 perspective ofrepparttar 146137 person who is doingrepparttar 146138 hiring. What would that person be looking for ifrepparttar 146139 roles were reversed? Job seekers need to plan their responses so they cover key information about what they can bring torepparttar 146140 job, and then rehearse out loud until they feel confident.

2. Attitude makes a difference.

The key element to successful interviewing is not your experience, your grades, what classes you took, your extracurricular activities, or any ofrepparttar 146141 other basic necessities. Those skills are what got yourepparttar 146142 interview. The key element to successful interviewing can be summed up in one word: attitude. If you want to rise above others with better experience, better grades, or better anything, you will need to work on developing a highly positive work attitude.

Your attitude determines whether you will "makerepparttar 146143 cut" or be discarded. Remember, there are plenty of competitors withrepparttar 146144 ability to do almost any given job-- especially atrepparttar 146145 entry level. The way most employers differentiate atrepparttar 146146 entry level is by candidates' attitudes towardrepparttar 146147 job.

You can teach a new employee many things, but attitude is not one of them. Many employers are willing to teach skills to new employees if they come throughrepparttar 146148 door with a positive, energetic "can do" attitude.

3. Askrepparttar 146149 right questions.

Ask aboutrepparttar 146150 position, job responsibilities and company values.

4. Dress for success.

Beforerepparttar 146151 interview,repparttar 146152 student job seeker should find outrepparttar 146153 company's dress code and dress a level up from that. It's better to be overdressed than under-dressed.


Written by Stephen Richards

* Preparing for Interview You have made a successful application and now you are rewarded by getting an interview. It would be a shame to blow it all by failing to takerepparttar same care and attention atrepparttar 145943 interview.

It's true to say thatrepparttar 145944 vast majority of interviewers are not trained and make many mistakes themselves, but that is not a reason to make them yourself.

Lets have a look at common mistakes so that you can avoid them.

- Arriving late. - Being dressed incorrectly. - Taking unnecessary hand luggage with you. - Poor greeting. - Poor body language/Nervous mannerisms

* Arriving Late You should aim to arrive 10 - 20 minutes early for your interview. Depending onrepparttar 145945 size ofrepparttar 145946 building you may find that locatingrepparttar 145947 interview are is not a simple task and you should ensure that you have enough time in hand to avoid a late arrival.

Ifrepparttar 145948 company is in a location that you are not familiar with you would take time to plan your route and allow for unexpected delays, so why should you act differently just becauserepparttar 145949 interview is somewhere you know?

Some ofrepparttar 145950 external events that may make you late are; late public transport, unable to locate parking space, no change for a pay and display car park, unable to locate building.

All of these are genuine reasons to be late, but atrepparttar 145951 end ofrepparttar 145952 day, they are all avoidable.

Take time to find out aboutrepparttar 145953 location ofrepparttar 145954 building and local parking, ifrepparttar 145955 company is a large phoning them will result in you gettingrepparttar 145956 switch board, these people knowrepparttar 145957 area, there is nothing wrong with asking them for advice about local parking.

Ifrepparttar 145958 company is a one man band then use your initiative, check maps, local tourist information offices etc.

* Looking Good Most people are unsure how to dress for an interview. Lets face it, if you are going for an interview to be a garage mechanic then a suit probably isn't suitable, but how do you know what to wear?

As a rule of thumb, think about what you would wear if you were working there already, no smarten up a bit.

If you would normally wear trousers/skirt and a shirt/blouse then by adding a jacket and tie you have smartened up.

If you would normally wear jeans and a T-shirt or polo shirt then you should wear trousers and a shirt and tie, no need for a jacket.

Dressing down atrepparttar 145959 interview is easier than going home to get changed. That is to say that if you get torepparttar 145960 interview and you are wearing a jacket but non ofrepparttar 145961 interviews is wearing one and you feel uncomfortable, then as you take a seat as if you can remove your jacket.

I'm sure you getrepparttar 145962 idea.

* Luggage Taking unnecessary hand luggage with you. Some people take a brief case to interview.


It may be an idea to take a copy of your resume with you along withrepparttar 145963 letter inviting you to interview.

If you applied by application form and you followed my guide to application forms then you might want to take your draft copy ofrepparttar 145964 form. Take these in an A4 envelope or in an A4 folder.

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