Marriage and U.S. Citizenship

Written by T.Going

Marriage and U.S. Citizenship

An extremely common practice inrepparttar USA is for an American citizen (or legal permanent resident) to have a spouse who is a foreign national. When this happens,repparttar 147381 citizen most often desires that their spouse shares inrepparttar 147382 same opportunities and privileges they have as an American citizen. The process of securing a green card forrepparttar 147383 spouse is a long and complicated process, and can take anywhere from a couple months to several years. When seeking a green card for a spouse there are two options that one can take.

Because spouses of U.S. citizens are considered an “immediate relative,’ they can apply for a green card withoutrepparttar 147384 traditional waiting period. It takes around ten months forrepparttar 147385 application to be reviewed but while they are waiting,repparttar 147386 spouse can usually obtain a work permit in about a month’s time.

Guidant Corporation Recalls Heart Defibrillators

Written by Lisa Shrefler

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a nationwide recall notification regarding certain implantable heart defibrillators and cardiac resynchronization defibrillators manufactured by Guidant Corporation of Indianapolis.

According torepparttar FDA report,repparttar 147284 following models have been shown to develop a short circuit, without warning, that can result in failure to deliver a shock torepparttar 147285 heart when needed.

·PRIZM 2 DR, Model 1861, manufactured on or before April 16, 2002 ·CONTAK RENEWAL, Model H135, manufactured on or before August 26, 2004 ·CONTAK RENEWAL 2, Model H155, manufactured on or before August 26, 2004

In addition,repparttar 147286 FDA announced that Guidant would also be recalling another group of heart defibrillators that have shown to have memory error problems. This group includesrepparttar 147287 models known as PRIZM AVT, VITALITY AVT, RENEWAL 3 AVT and RENEWAL 4 AVT.

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