Marriage Seperation - A Practical Guide

Written by Jenny Clair

Finance in marriage seperation is a very big issue particularly with regards torepparttar mortgage and household bills. When marriage seperation is inevitable obviously both parties need somewhere to stay and often it can be quite difficult to sell one property and then try to finance two. Some couples agree to keeprepparttar 145582 existing property going and one partner move out into rented accommodation for a trial marriage seperation period. This then gives each partner time to reflect and decide what may be better for both parties. However, both parties in marriage seperation have to live and are sometimes eligible for single parent help should they have children. This, together with child maintenance, could help with their financial situation considerably.

Marriage seperation can be a lonely one as you may not get asked to dinner parties and get togethers from your existing circle of friends who are still married. People intend to invite couples to join couples and have a good time. They sometimes forget that friends, whether together in marriage or not, should still be friends and it often helps to keep them inrepparttar 145583 same circle of friends even in marriage seperation. After all we are all human and need allrepparttar 145584 friends we have especially atrepparttar 145585 beginning of a marriage seperation. True friends will always want to help you at a time like this when your morale is low and you need motivation.

It is also helpful to meet new people who are inrepparttar 145586 same situation as yourself. They will understand what you are going through and it may help you too to get things off your chest. You never know, you may even gain a complete new circle of friends. There are so many meeting points for people on their own. Dinner dates, luncheons and breakfast clubs operate throughoutrepparttar 145587 country so meeting new people, where for friendship or a new prospective partner could be a step inrepparttar 145588 right direction to get you motivated and get you out of a rut.

Summer Every Season

Written by BatSheva Vaknin

Summer Every Season By BatSheva Vaknin

Ahhh,repparttar sumptuous days of summer. Clear skies, green lawns, barbeques and trips torepparttar 145561 beach. Who wouldnít want to capture that feeling year-round?

Believe it or not, it is easy to bringrepparttar 145562 style of summer into your own home. Follow these simple, inexpensive tips, and be on your way to enjoying a summer home in your own home... any time ofrepparttar 145563 year! Color is Key Paint is a simple tool that can be used to create a summery atmosphere in any room of your home. Brighten up a living room with lime green walls, a dining room with canary yellow, or a playroom with creamsicle orange.

Lighten up dark wood coffee tables, side tables or bookshelves with salmon pink or eggshell blue. Even paintingrepparttar 145564 inside of a dark bookshelf a bright, summery color can freshen up a room considerably.

Store or cover darker colored items, such as maroon pillows and brown couches, replacing them or covering them with lighter, brighter covers. Floral patterns are nice and summery, as is a beach motif. Hang white or see-through curtains over dark drapes to quickly achieve a summery feel.

White isrepparttar 145565 perennial summery non-color. Repainting walls, bookshelves, coffee tables, and even framed mirrors a cool, crisp white will transform any room. With all that white, donít be surprised if you and your family feel like youíve been instantly transported to Miami Beach! Fabric of Life Store or cover wintry wares like velvet drapes and pillows, wool throws, and dark leather couches, ottomans and chairs. Donít worry, you can always rotate them back out again when you are ready to return from your summer retreat!

Add summery fabrics, like linen table cloths, cotton flower-print curtains, and gauzy bed skirts.

Cover couches and armchairs with bright or floral patterned slipcovers... nothing says summer like light, bright fabrics. Feel Like Flowers Fresh Flowers will give your house a fresh summer look and scent. Keep water in vases clean by changing it often, and throw out flowers as soon as they begin to wilt, replacing them with a different bright selection.

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