Marriage - Divorce - Separation - How to handle the split loyalties after separation.

Written by Jenny Clair

We have all most probably encountered it at some stage in our lives - who do we stay friends with after a couple divorces or separates?

The text book answer is to stay friends with both parties of course but thatís a mighty tall order to fulfil as we are dealing with human emotions and judgemental attitudes here as well.

Fortunately I think that most normal friends witnessing a couple of family splitting up can actually see both sides ofrepparttar coin and actually do stay away from taking sides.

However, inrepparttar 145591 real worldrepparttar 145592 divorcing couple will normally expect you to commit to one side orrepparttar 145593 other and this pattern often establishes itself way beforerepparttar 145594 final separation or divorce. This is due to our blame culture where we often ignore our own responsibilities forrepparttar 145595 situation we find ourselves in - itís always someone elseís fault - black & white, when actually there will be many shades of grey that overlap and it is often not until many years later and upon a lot of reflective thought that we suddenly realise that we were actually partly to blame forrepparttar 145596 failure of that relationship.

So, how do friends handlerepparttar 145597 initial expectation from one part ofrepparttar 145598 divorcing couple to now ignore their former partner? It can be really tough for friends of separating partners - you know, who do you invite torepparttar 145599 family party - him or her - can you invite both? - what will happen if they both meet atrepparttar 145600 daughters wedding? - god forbid but what will happen should each one bring a new partner? - The scenarios are endless.

Having experienced several friends now go through divorce and separation proceedings and each one has found its own set of issues, I can say that there is no set advice or guidance inrepparttar 145601 form of a one size fits all answer.

However, there are a few outline framework procedures that I would certainly adopt in order to ensure that your former couple remain friends long afterrepparttar 145602 divorce or separation.

Firstly - always try to balance being sympathetic and understanding to your main friend but without actually agreeing to any of their own conclusions regarding blame etc. - remember your only hearing one side of a very unbalanced perspective. This ensures that you do not reinforce your friends biased viewpoint and you can still remain impartial - very important. This may require exemplary diplomatic skills but if your conscious of this fact can actually be quite challenging and rewarding - its like being tested yourself.

Paoers for Divorce

Written by Sara Jenkins

Paoers for your divorce are very important as they deal with legal matters. You should always haverepparttar right paoers for divorce to prevent any legal complications inrepparttar 145590 future. Your paoers for divorce should include provisions for child support, custody and property settlements. You need to focus on protecting your future by making sure that your divorce paoers are drawn up carefully.

As many legal technicalities are involved in most ofrepparttar 145591 divorce proceedings, it is wise to retain a qualified Divorce Lawyer to prepare your paoers for divorce. When a Lawyer prepares your paoers for divorce, you need to have documents relating to Insurance, Tax Records, Birth, Marriage License, Loan Accounts, Pension Accounts, Vehicle Titles, Property Deeds and Titles and Mortgage Accounts.

Once your paoers for divorce are drawn up, you need to take them home and read them very carefully. You must know that your paoers for divorce are legal documents. Any stipulations in your paoers for divorce will affect you for a long time. If you feel uncomfortable with anything, or don't understand something contained in your paoers for divorce, discuss it with your lawyer before you sign anything.

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