Marriage, Hollywood Style

Written by Stephen Schochet

Britney Spears' rapid walk downrepparttar aisle and subsequent annulment continued a long line of wild marriages in Tinseltown. The legendary union that began it all was between Silent Film Icons Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford. Beneathrepparttar 118218 glamorous veneer was a troubled relationship. The agile and athletic Fairbank's idea of a good time was walking fifty yards on his hands onrepparttar 118219 beach. Or having pool party contests to see who could hold their head underwaterrepparttar 118220 longest. He loved hitting baseballs with Babe Ruth, playing tennis with Bill Tilden and sparring with Jack Dempsey. He would never use a door if he could climb through a window or walk around a park bench if he could jump over it. The dashing matinee idol who did his own stunts in movies like The Mark Of Zorro (1920) and Robin Hood (1922), wrote journals advising children how to stay physically fit. Conversely, Mary Pickford's idea of a good time was sitting aroundrepparttar 118221 Pickfair mansion getting bombed out of her mind by noon. Fairbanks, whose father had given him many lectures onrepparttar 118222 evils of drink, frowned on her inebriation and that led to their divorce. She outlived him by forty years.

If a couple has different levels of tolerance for mind altering substances,repparttar 118223 marriage is likely to be short-lived. Two years before his breakout role in Easy Rider (1969) struggling actor Jack Nicholson was finding too little time to spend with his wife Sandra Knight. They went to see a marriage analyst who suggested they both take LSD. While Sandra foundrepparttar 118224 experience terrifying,repparttar 118225 always experimenting Nicholson felt thatrepparttar 118226 drug trips opened a whole new world of exploration. After his marriage ended,repparttar 118227 often moody and withdrawn actor continued to get high during his working relationship withrepparttar 118228 out of control Easy Rider star Dennis Hopper. The film's producers had hired Jack to be a calming influence, fearing that Hopper was going blow all their money and kill co-star Peter Fonda. One morning while filming in Taos, New Mexico, Jack and Dennis woke up in a tree and neither could remember how they got there.

Sometimes even a little partying is too much. When Dean Martin announced that he was divorcing his wife Jeannie he joked," She'll getrepparttar 118229 house. Doesn't matter. I could never find it anyway." One sore point during their union was Dean's unwillingness to have any company over, his main concern was getting up early to play golf. One time Martin reluctantly acquiesced to his wife's request to have a social gathering at their house. At ten pm Dean excused himself and went upstairs to his room. A half hour later Jeannie knocked on his door," Dean come out! The police are here." An apologetic officer explained that they had received several calls about another loud obnoxious party atrepparttar 118230 Martin household. "But we never have parties," said Jeannie. "Never mind that Jeannie. You heardrepparttar 118231 officer. OK, everybody out." The next day after rising early and playing a nice round of golf, old Dino confessed to her that he had maderepparttar 118232 phone calls using several different voices.

Trust - A poetic investigation, not hampered by commitee status.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh


We are here to listen, To every word you say, We will surely then glisten, Whatrepparttar mood is in this way, So many start to chatter, And forward on their views, Little knowing it wont matter, And will never makerepparttar 118217 news.

We are all for truth, For transparancy not lies, So we can face our youth, With honesty in our eyes, So many believerepparttar 118218 rhetoric, And persuade themselves its true, Little knowing its a set up trick, to delude in all they do.

Its your right to protest, And your heritage to march, Where your complaint will be noticed, And your presence will be large, But no one hearsrepparttar 118219 voices, Andrepparttar 118220 cameras arent even on, The illusion is there are choices, When in reality there are none.

sorepparttar 118221 listeners are all deaf, Just ignoring as before, They merely invent a virtual threat, And plunge us all into war, No one heeds a countries needs, No one cares what we all feel, Refusing to account for misdeeds, Whilst we are forced to kneel.

For there is another way, onward, They would have us all believe, Much as a glib tongued con would, Seeking purely to deceive, Lo, taxation will never ever change, And great joy will fillrepparttar 118222 land, Though our actions seem a little strange, Its all going just as planned.

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