Marketing and Selling Through The Mind Of Your Customer...

Written by Don L. Price

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence and scientific brain research showing that human emotions andrepparttar unconscious plays a major role in consumer selection of products and services.

As our multi cultural society matures; it becomes evident that those companies and individual who want to advantage themselves in sales and marketing must understandrepparttar 144824 perception and mind of other cultural groups. That will require a better understanding of your conscious and unconscious mind - how memory, experience, and associated emotions exert a force onrepparttar 144825 thinking and buying behaviors of consumers.

According to Gerald Zaltman, Professor of Marketing at Harvard Business School: as much as 95 percent of consumers’ thinking occurs in their unconscious minds. Much thinking surfaces through metaphors and consumers’ memories which are much more malleable than previously thought— which is why "confidence" adds great persuasive power. Artificial confidence does not work, but authentic confidence will decisively engender a winning edge every time when a salesperson truly believes in his/her products and services.

Fostering a shift in sales and marketing will require a deeper understanding of how pervasiverepparttar 144826 unconscious mind ofrepparttar 144827 consumer works. Breaking into new ground requires breaking out of traditional thinking about features and benefits selling. You need to enter intorepparttar 144828 mental activity of unconscious thoughts, feelings, memories, intentions, metaphors and just how they direct consumers’ attention, influence perception and manipulate their decisions and actions. 6 key strategic solutions for sales and marketing.

1. Metaphor making inrepparttar 144829 mind ofrepparttar 144830 consumer is a powerful fundamental that helps them make sense of information received. When eliciting information from a potential client. I asked him what success felt like. His metaphor was; "Success feels likerepparttar 144831 power of driving a Porsche downrepparttar 144832 highway at top speed." Tying his metaphor to several service benefits closedrepparttar 144833 sale securely. Understanding and having collected a large range of metaphors consumers’ use to think about you, your services and products enable you to sculpt a more effecting communication strategy and increaserepparttar 144834 potential of a purchase.

Promotional Marketing Products - Selecting the Perfect Item

Written by Cindy Carrera

People are known to shop on impulse- buying an item just because it is on sale, or purchasing something because it looks great inrepparttar store. When shopping for promotional items, you really can't succumb to impulses. Instead, you must carefully decide on an item that will help meet your objectives.

A career school admissions representative who worked withrepparttar 144823 high school market once wanted to buy magnets to give to people. Although magnets were inrepparttar 144824 budget, they would not really dorepparttar 144825 job of spreadingrepparttar 144826 word among other high school students, asrepparttar 144827 magnets would be at home onrepparttar 144828 fridge where maybe a handful of other students would see. A better idea was to give out day planners (only to enrolled students) that they could carry to school everyday where hundreds of classmates could see. "Oh- that's where I'm going to school after graduation" they would say when asked aboutrepparttar 144829 school's name onrepparttar 144830 planner. Rachel,repparttar 144831 rep, was hurt thatrepparttar 144832 magnets she liked did not get ordered. But, Rachel does not have a marketing background and she didn't understand that these items served another purpose.

So, when ordering your items before you even browserepparttar 144833 pages of catalogs or websites, you want to have some objectives in mind. You would not want to invest money in an item that doesn't matchrepparttar 144834 tactic. Think about these:

-Do you want to stimulate trade show traffic? -Do you want to use these as sales aids? -Are these going to be premiums? -Are you introducing a new product/service? -Do you want to thank current customers? -Are these for an event giveaway? -Are these to motivate employees? -Are you trying to gain back lost business? -Are you trying to improve customer service? -Are these going to be used as gifts? -Are you using them to supplement a direct mail campaign?

These are just a few questions you will want to ask yourself. If you are looking to supplement a general direct mail campaign, you will want to keep postage costs in mind. Perhaps mailing a magnet, sticker, pocket calendar, pen or pencil would be something good to use. You would not want to mail a t-shirt or mug- that would be very pricey forrepparttar 144835 response rate of direct mail! If you are doing a campaign to target past customers or are just doing a smaller-gauge mailing, perhaps something a little bigger would work.

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