Marketing Your eZine

Written by Dirk Wagner

The internet marketing ďGuruísĒ have been saying for years thatrepparttar ďmoney is inrepparttar 116854 listĒ. In other words, having thousandís of subscribers to your ezine or newsletter increases your chances of potential sales. It is pretty hard to dispute that quote but how do you go about getting those thousandís of subscribers to sign up for your ezine?

I use three primary ways to get interested subscribers to sign up for my ezine. Purchased leads and subscription services, ezine directories and article writing.

Purchased Leads/Subscription Services

Purchased leads and subscription services work with you to get subscribers to sign up for your ezine. You agree to purchase x amount of subscribers per month from a subscription service for a fee and they will advertise your ezine for you until they have filledrepparttar 116855 amount of subscribers you have purchased. Most companies will always give you more thanrepparttar 116856 amount you purchased due to bad email addresses, removals, and undelivered emails. Subscription services are ideal for anyone that is first starting out as a way to get quite a few subscribers in a relatively short amount of time. You will also have a choice of single opt-in or double-in subscribers. Double opt-in subscribers actually have to reply to an email to validate that they are interested in your ezine, where single opt-in will get your ezine automatically. There are many subscription services to choose from and I advise trying different ones because every list is different.

EZine Directories

Ezine directories are websites that will allow you to submit your ezine to their website. There are free and paid directories. You submit your url for your ezine and a short ad about your ezine and that is it. Here are few examples of some ezine directories I use. You may also do a search at for more ezine directories.

Writing Articles

Learn the Skill of Effective Bragging (Timing is Everything)

Written by by Gina Novelle

by Gina Novelle copyright 06-2004 Excerpt from book ďBusiness Secrets Men Donít Tell WomanĒ by Gina Novelle

Since women view this aspect ofrepparttar game with such distaste, many of them try to play inrepparttar 116853 game with no broadcasting. Remember this is a strategy ofrepparttar 116854 game. One must learn this skill. When to toot your own horn and how much needs to be practiced. Women tend to toot in an insecure fashion. They do it atrepparttar 116855 wrong time and forrepparttar 116856 wrong reason. Worst of all, when givenrepparttar 116857 right opportunity, most just clam up.

Iíll give you examples. Our office sends clients to other consultants inrepparttar 116858 area, three of them are women, and three of them are men. Ken toots his own horn. Each time, he gets certified in new software, he lets us all know about it. He even has new business cards designed withrepparttar 116859 certification logo. He lets us know about his latest endeavors, client base, etc. The women consultants have told me they canít stand him. Since I realized he was just advertising, I never took this as a put down. The women felt he was bragging and putting them down. Thereís that ďDonít take it personalĒ lesson here.

Letís just further examine Kenís skill. Iíve been on jobs with Ken and noticed that he never loudly toots his horn torepparttar 116860 client, only to us. When he first meets with a client, heís confident, cool, and has done his homework. He already has information about that clientís company. He walks in, with paper in hand and atrepparttar 116861 first meeting, handsrepparttar 116862 client both his business card and brochure. He then quietly waits. Thatís right; he shuts up. Wow, this is notrepparttar 116863 Kenrepparttar 116864 other female consultants see and know.

The client briefly readsrepparttar 116865 brochure and asks Ken a few questions. Again Kenís demeanor is modest. Then that male bonding thing takes over. Oh, they both like golf, (it was in his brochure.) They have mutual clients (it was in his brochure). Okay, Ken did it. How can I compete? Thatís just it. I donít have to compete Iím there with Ken. He has allrepparttar 116866 glory at this moment. So what? This is notrepparttar 116867 time for me to spit out all my experience. However, that is just what some women do. They feel they have to say something.

Ken brought me along as his colleague. He knows he already hasrepparttar 116868 client and hasrepparttar 116869 confidence that I can handlerepparttar 116870 job. My turn will come withrepparttar 116871 women inrepparttar 116872 office. I donít need to tellrepparttar 116873 client all my experience. Iím being paid justrepparttar 116874 same. Thatís what I mean about timing.

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